Jazz Som

Jazz Som


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:10 minutes
  • Release:1936
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Jazz Som torrent reviews

jacob c (ag) wrote: The best since the original. Finally found a great found footage movie to put a mark on you.

Abdul A (au) wrote: In 1979, The Iranian Revolution began. Iranian people were protestingagainst Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah "king" of the Iranianmonarchy. Iran became an Islamic Republic, and rules in cinema/art havebeen changed to be more strict and suitable for the Iranianconservative society. In Iran, the state had issued a law to preventfilmmakers to make films, talking about politics, religions, and sexualcontact under any kind. Islamic law are not allowing filmmakers to addanything in the film that considered against the sharia Islamic law.Women in Iranian films cannot contact physically with men, all womenmust wear a hi-jab, and filmmakers can not use western music. Theselaws and the conditions made ??a lot of filmmakers in Iran expresstheir content in a smart way, trying to avoid punishment from theIranian government. However, some artists and directors were crossingthe red lines and facing a hard time and many problems with the Iranianregime, such as Jafar Panahi.Through his film Offside, in 2006 Iranian director Jafar Panahi, makesone of best films ever made in Iran. The film about a long journey ofyoung Iranian girls trying to enter one of the greater soccer matchesof the national team of Iran. All the soccer matches inside Iranprevent women to be with the audience at the stadium. Only men canattend. During the significant soccer match between Iran and Bahrain,part of the World Cup tournaments, Panahi decides to film the girls whoare trying to attend the stadium and support their national team. Byusing a small camera in order not to draw attention from theauthorities. It is a hard to believe how Panahi have a plan to do thescenario in his film, but he did it in magnificent way. He wants us tosend a message to all the over the world that tells us how women aresuffering in his country. The message in his film is simply explainingwhat Iranian people go through with strict regime, and this film is notjust about women rights, it is about achieving justice among society inIranian. Not like other filmmakers, Panahi is one of few filmmakersinside Iran that are dis-likable from the Iranian government. Panahiwith few others always show the true and the reality of the city ofTahhran through cinema. This film, brings a lot of attention from theinternational media about the difficulty that people in Iran faceeveryday from the Iranian regime. The strict Islamic laws as we canread in this film shows the lots lack of freedoms, absence of womenrights, and most importantly no justice and gender inequality for theIranian people. From this film, we find that Panahi is very intelligentin the way he criticizes the system in his country. In his camera wesee a group of girls dealing with an injustice rules that allowed onlymen to watch a game. Via his movie, Panahi transfers the real image ofwhat is really happening to the Iranian women. This film successfullygives me a lot of ideas about Iranians feelings, emotions, reactions,and with more than a hundreds of TV broadcasts and documentaries thathave been made about Iran. An interview with Panahi, states "Manythings in Iran always have certain problems. For each film that we makewe have to think of creative ways of doing it. "if you can't getthrough the door then climb up through the window. So this is what wehave to do to find a way of achieving our aims. For each film thismethod can only be used once, and for the next one obviously we have tofind an alternative way of doing it"(open democracy).The film was admired by filmmakers around the world. Offside won a lotof awards in many film festivals, including the Golden Bear at theBerlin Film Festival. Film critics and journalists describe the film asone of the most important film in the history of Iranian cinema afterthe Islamic revolution. This film inspires many young filmmakers insideIran to make films with high levels of bravery. Offside has great dealof impacts of the Middle East filmmaking. A few years after this moviereleased the Iranian regime put the director Jafar Panahi in jail for 5years, and prevented him from making films for 25 years. During hisperiod of stay in prison, Panahi made a film short called "This is nota film" through his Iphone, and was smuggled through inside a cake, afriend of his send the film to many film festivals around the world,including Cannes Film Festival.

James W (jp) wrote: Both the Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys are a lot of fun. But most of the time is just spent on the Rugrats. Fun for kids and maybe for adults. But when it shines it shines.

Mikael K (ca) wrote: A solid film with a good cast an a strong if a bit unoriginal script. Was very nice to watch, but somehow this one was an easy one to forget.

Golia K (us) wrote: The film isn't remotely scary.

ken j (ca) wrote: Three laborers of a marijuana farm start to get very paranoid when there boss is murdered of course they did know enough to take enough weed with them to make a quick buck so they hook up with go between Lucy and things just spiral down from bad to worse making for some funny results. Overall a decent movie had some laughs in it but i did expect alot more from the cast not a complete waste of time if your into stoner movies and have time on your hands

Matt W (de) wrote: This light-hearted coming-of-age story focuses on Inner-city school boy Jamie, (Glen Barry) who doesn't really fit in with the footy lads at his school and regularly bunks, going back to his grimy high-rise flat. Thanks to his potty-mouthed yet sympathetic mother Sandra (Linda Henry,) Jason is made to top-and-tale with his neighbour Ste (Scott Neal) who's seeking asylum from his over-aggressive father and brother. This intimate setting leads to the two young lads discovering feeling that they never knew they had before, which in 90s South London weren't all that accepted. They find solace in each other that their family lives certainly were not providing. Laughs are provided throughout by Sandra's well-spoken hippie boyfriend Tony (Ben Daniels) and the neighbouring diva-like Leah (Tameka Empson.) My personal favourite line was when Ste asked whether Jason fancied Sally from Coronation Street! This emphasises just how old the film is!This film makes me glad that I grew up in the naughties and never had to where some the outfits doned in this film!If you don't mind the cockney accents then this is a rather heart warming and thought-provoking film about homosexuality and family bonds, and the effects these factors have on each other.

Frederic B (br) wrote: C'est vraiment pas raisonnable mais j'ai vraiment ador... Allez savoir pourquoi.

Henrysmovieguide C (fr) wrote: This movie was pretty good. It could get a little boring or weird, but it was mostly smart and entertaining.

Claude B (ru) wrote: Is this an art film? Or a picture of 1000 meaning? It's just a child play of "no making sense" surreal story, and to ask for adult's interpretation "it can see through many different ways?" Is this an art or Just Plain dumb? It's like i gave you a "white" and u gave me many different meaning without making mistakes?And no reason to judge?

Laurel N (kr) wrote: I really like this movie.... I think Kismet is my favorite from this movie.

Michael M (es) wrote: Well this one's a mixed bag. Really feels like the type of thing you'd show an Elementary school Spanish class, and that's actually probably a good use for it. It's a weird cartoon compilation/documentary/behind the scenes piece that spends a lot of time having a narrator teach you about Latin American history and culture. Some of it's interesting enough, but too often it got boring for me, even at a meager 40 minute runtime. The educational segments can get a little too dry, and not all of the cartoon segments work, but Donald's shenanigans are always good for a laugh (and perhaps not so coincidentally the educational bits provided in his segments are the ones that I most remember), and the final animated segment is incredibly beautiful. Even if you don't see the full film, the final segment is definitely worth a watch; the rest of it? eh, not so much.

Danny R (au) wrote: The silent era's most memorable horror film, and the grandfather of the cinematic vampire genre. German expressionist director F.W. Murnau's brilliantly eerie, imaginative masterpiece, which tells the tale of a master vampire named Count Orlok, played sensationally by Max Schreck, who achieves screen immortally with his unforgettable turn here, and adds his own brand of vampiric perversity. He wants to purchase an isolated house, so he sends for an estate agent from Germany to his castle in Transylvania to make a deal. When the agent arrives and sells the house to the Count, he notices that he begins to feel uneasy, and strange occurrences start to happen, the agent becomes trapped in the castle, while the count hiding in a shipment of Coffins, makes his way to Germany where causes many deaths, which is blamed on a plague. Well-crafted, and directed by Murnau, with superb makeup by Albin Grau, who gives Schreck his fearsome features which includes, rat's teeth, bat ears, claw-like hands, bulging eyes and a death-like ghostly pallor. This inspired, superbly atmospheric motion picture is an unauthorized adaptation of Brams Stoker's "Dracula," with names and other details changed, it remains a true horror classic.

Frances H (es) wrote: Pleasant indie rom con. Especially notable is the performance by Peter Dinklage.

Steve D (ag) wrote: Seyfried makes this worth every min.

Mark A (es) wrote: Enjoyed it so much more second time! Soundtrack excellent