JC in tha Hood

JC in tha Hood

JC IN THE HOOD is a story of religious redemption, following four lost souls in the inner city of Los Angeles. A prostitute, a ganbanger, an alcoholic, and a drug addict are all in need of spiritual guidance from big brother Jesus Christ. JC roams the hood unnoticed but ever present. All four people are eventually given a second chance to reddem themselves by accepting God into their everyday lives. JC; An uplifting story of hope and redemption proposing that everyone deserves a second chance to find and worhip God.

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Abdullah M (ru) wrote: The movie drifted the mindset for the regular bollywood cinema-goers but the only annoying part was that the movie started on the lines of Match Point (2005).. else it was all good and most of all the realm of Love and feelings and the hunt for a lost love are felt. Good work Hrithik & Barbara!

Emily R (au) wrote: This one really terrified me. Granted I am a very much a "scaredy cat", but this one made me not want to put me feet on the floor. I agree with other reviews that the acting wasn't the best, but it was still creepy!

John A (us) wrote: An Atmospheric Supernatural Horror, Which Mixes Modern Filmmaking With The Classic Styled Horror. The Story Is Kind Of Predictable But When You Look At The Performance's, Direction And The Atmosphere, It's A Pretty Well Made Film & An Enjoyable One.

Dawn S (nl) wrote: John Carter had such potential, but just sags in the middle.

Niloo R (de) wrote: i don't care what anyone says, i really like this film. i loved it as a kid and watching it now, i still find it sweet and entertaining. i think it has a sweet albiet simple message and a lot of funny moments. jack black and gwyneth paltrow also have a really good chemistry, surprising enough. on the whole, it's not high art by any definition of the word, but it's still a good, light-hearted watch.

Jon G (au) wrote: "This is Spinal Rap!"

Rosemarie S (br) wrote: enjoy the Lifetime type plots & Danielle Steel's stories - tend to be juicy...

Traci B (jp) wrote: Cute in a made for TV movie sorta way. Is it just me? or is this like Harry & the Hendersons Part 2?

Jed D (fr) wrote: "Words cannot describe, how pleasantly surprised, I was to discover this film." Harry Anderson (Night Court) gives one of the best cinematic performances I have ever seen. Harvey, is genuinely one of a kind and cannot be missed.

Scott R (mx) wrote: A silly comedy, but charming nonetheless.

William C (kr) wrote: How do you make a video game adaption work, hire Paul W.S Anderson? No that's not it, what about cast Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez? Well no but it feels more promising, oh I know actually, lets just make an all out crazy movie with little realistic dialogue and some poor acting. See that seemed to do the trick because this movie is a poor one, I didn't find it completely bad but it's still pretty bad anyway. You know I'm the kind of film fan who can truly enjoy movies with a premise like this but when they cast the wrong people behind the camera and on it, you just can't forgive the producers for this one. Resident Evil is based on the popular video game of the same name and definitely see's the kind of action you might expect from such, not all together a really un-enjoyable ride, but just a movie that is unlikeable. We see Milla Jovovich waking up and not knowing what the hell is going on, we also see James Purefoy with the same old predicament and both seem to need to know what's going on. In steps a whole team of people who have been sent in to investigate a thing called the "Hive" an underground facility that seems to have done some bad things to test subjects and even employees. The film is packed full of insane action, kick ass stunts and zombies (including zombie dogs) and really does pack quite a punch. I didn't feel this film was bad because of the action actually, it is what makes this slightly exciting and at least the movie has a certain horror element too it and can make you kind of jump.It wasn't the directing that made me cringe, it was the writing which seems to rip this movie apart, the cast can seem almost lifeless at moments with this script and the small talk is well, none existent. The cast do give it their best at certain times but in others it can feel as if they are trying too hard to make this dramatic and Anderson does nothing to help them. I think the only real redeeming factors in this are that it is not awful and not even maybe fully bad but still just poor, as I said the fighting and all the things like that are the only things that keep this a float before it sinks into the abyss of movie garbage. As for the actors themselves I can't say I liked any of them, Jovovich is not bad but she fails as her role to lead the movie and ends up in moments being second fiddle to more exciting characters. Michelle Rodriguez is probably more exciting than her but even she can not make this any better, coupled with the writing too, I just couldn't forgive this movie and felt disappointed. The story is played out well kind of full blown just go for it which does work in it's favour somehow, I didn't want any plot for large parts of this because I was enjoying the fighting, there are way too many obstacles set in this movie but I can say at least you get a few thrills and that's what is important. So all in all it is Anderson who truly damages the film, not as much with Jovovich or the cast as they are just sucked into the director's work. I think in fact I know for a fact many will enjoy this and think me crazy for saying this is poor, but just look at the film properly and really don't let it take you for a ride without first showing you its poor skills. I do however recommend this to all horror fans and action aficionados as it basically will do what it says on the tin really, scare and thrill.

PJ E (es) wrote: Not so much a film, rather an aural and visual experience. It's light on plot and character but strong on atmospherics. All in all, it's just a sensual sensational sensory trip.