Je T'aime Moi Non Plus

Je T'aime Moi Non Plus

A waitress with boyish looks and the gay driver of a garbage truck fall in love.

The petite waitress Johnny works and lives in a truck-stop, where she's lonely and longs for love. She develops a crush on the garbage truck driver Krassky, although her sleazy boss Boris ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maruf I (us) wrote: True story. Nice making.

Andy T (it) wrote: The Deep Blue Sea is slow moving, yet it contains enough story to create a harrowing and relatable love story inside Rachel Weisz's excellent lead performance.

Richard D (es) wrote: About as inspired by "Fargo" as it's possible to be without actually being "Fargo". It builds up very dramatically to an underwhelming climax.

Donna G (fr) wrote: this is a great movie!!!!!!

Andrew M (kr) wrote: every thing u need 2 know about cops @ drugs.

Lucero C (nl) wrote: Brings back to many great memories in this amazing 80s film!

Blais E (us) wrote: A humongous, Buick-sized Razorback Boar runs rampant through the wilds of the Land Down Under, making human hot dogs of the oddball-Outbackers unlucky enough to cross his path. Enter Gregory Harrison ("Trapper John, M.D."-) to hunt down the predatorily-pernicious porker after he sups on his wife. Decent acting and vivid characterizations (Especially among the eccentric Aussie folk-) coupled with supremely-moody atmosphere and stark cinematography that render the Outback into an arid, forbodingly-desolate wasteland all make for an interesting and original film experience.

Daniel P (us) wrote: Montages! A soundtrack! A vague semblance of a plot! Yuck. So many movies have done the "working class kid has one dream and does everything for it" story better (Rocky, Billy Elliott, Rudy, even Saturday Night Fever...). Shows a flash (ha) of promise in its third act, but overall a randomly assembled compilation of music videos might appear to tell a more fulfilling story... not plausible, and doesn't allow you suspend your disbelief. A product of Reagan Era myth-making that should be forgotten long before it will be.

Tasos L (us) wrote: unspeakable scene in the end!

Thomas B (au) wrote: A John Wayne "Dirty Harry" type movie. Good acting and a great plot. Ps: John Wayne sports a trans-am in this movie!

Ken S (fr) wrote: Mostly Meh.and Farley Granger is wicked miscastextra 1/2 star bonus for the camera work

David S (ru) wrote: The scenes with Paul Tefler running around all sexy with his muscled hairy chest, ripped abs and nicely chiseled arms and legs is enough for some people to put up with the fact that this film basically sucks.

Aaron A (br) wrote: Nicholas Cage is a gem when it comes to overacting, but in this film his overstated performance feels exactly in place and surprisingly enhances perfectly the noir styled depravity on exhibition in this dark and intense romantic drama which itself is a pinnacle of downbeat cinema.

Federico V (mx) wrote: This film is amazing; characters are great, Harrelson is the greatest as usual in Ron Shelton's films, Banderas is ok, dialogs are amazing too. All with the unconfondible mark of Sheldon that i adore.Superb, u have to see it. 29% is an insult...