Je te survivrai

Je te survivrai

Forty year old Jo is talented a property broker, but a complete catastrophe as a family man, father and husband, and with a neighbor he can't stand. one day he does something he never should have done.

Forty year old Jo is talented a property broker, but a complete catastrophe as a family man, father and husband, and with a neighbor he can't stand. one day he does something he never should have done. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edward K (es) wrote: this was a big pile of shit i was so stoked to see this but it never lived up to the hype

Melanie D (au) wrote: Thought-provoking film, but it can't answer the questions you really want answering.

Jacob V (nl) wrote: Feel good movie. You will enjoy it.

Vanessa F (nl) wrote: I watched it because I'm a big fan of Joe Flanigan. However it was a real chore to watch. Bad script, bad music, and bad effects. The deaths were terrible. It was so predictable. I found myself checking to see the counter. I'm still waiting to see Joe flex his acting muscles. Didn't see it this time.

Nicholas H (it) wrote: I always had a morbid curiosity in seeing this critically panned movie. The premise isn't bad on the very surface of it: a slumlord is made to live in his tenement and bring it up to code or go to jail. Somewhere between the premise being imagined and the script being written, everything falls apart. Insensitivity isn't a problem, but overt racism is. With a few rewrites, this could have been a halfway decent vehicle; instead, it shows white people as money grubbers and the ghetto as a place where only minorities live. Having grown up in New York City, I don't deny the demographics on display do exist, but white people are poor and live in crappy neighborhoods too. And naturally, what starts out with people at odds with one another ends in a paint-by-numbers hug-and-learn finale. Of course, there's always winning lines like "I wanna take you to lunch. Forget the lunch, let's just hump!" to remember this classic by. Ugh.

Dot L (it) wrote: The panoramic shots of New Zealand are fantastic.

Mike P (fr) wrote: Absolute Waste of time! Only rarely funny....

Kenya P (br) wrote: Captivating and at times heartbreaking, but the resolution left much to be desired. Casting and acting were excellent. Paola Mendoza captured the essence of her mother's struggle exquisitely.

Jacob B (ca) wrote: While perhaps still not as charming as the first two Shreks, Shrek Forever After still improves over its predecessor with a funny script, great voice acting from its talented voice cast and visual dazzle. To cut a long story short, this Shrek film is a decent (albeit not amazing) conclusion to the adventures of everyone's favourite lovable ogre brought to you by DreamWorks Animation.

Rajiv L (mx) wrote: love everything about this the violence,love the little love story,but the comedy wasn't needed.the songs are okay Dole Dole is my favorite of the bunch.such a great movie and i recommend it.

Kyle S (es) wrote: A pretty fun Southern zombie romp, complete with the worst, most unwatchable zombies I've ever seen. I even say this as a guy who loves bad horror.

Danny M (br) wrote: This was a good film. Not my favourite film from Quintin but it is a good film. Like always it is very long but the dialogue and story makes the time past very quick.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.

Pia K (de) wrote: Ihan kiva & hauska hmppleffa. ?? ?????? (Suom. Bridget Jones: Elm jatkuu)

Adam W (mx) wrote: An hour and a half of my life i'll never get back. This typical, whining sob story, was shit in 1995 and is truly cringeworthy now. Nothing is likeable about this film apart from the end credits, Do yourself a favour and skip this shite...

Michael L (jp) wrote: Very enjoyable character-driven western.

Brad M (it) wrote: This was an interesting urban drama, but a lot of cliches and a lot of bad acting bring it down. I love DMX the rapper, but not DMX the actor. He can growl a voice over just fine, but there is no feeling in his acting. He's reciting words, not speaking poetry via dialogue, which is what the role needed. Worth a watch though.

Keith R (nl) wrote: KR's Haiku Review:This caught me off guardNot sure when to laugh or cryWiig was excellent