Jeannie, bakit ngayon ka lang?

Jeannie, bakit ngayon ka lang?

In this magical movie, an Overseas Filipino Worker named Badong Bulaong (Robin Padilla) returns in the country after working in the Middle East. Upon his arrival, he was swindled of his belongings and was only left with a bottle he picked up in Saudi as a souvenir. To top it all, he discovered that his girlfriend has fallen in love with a basketball player. In his despair, he threw the bottle to the wall and from there came out a genie named Jeannie (Judy Ann Santos). And just like in fairy tales, he was entitled to three wishes.

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Jeannie, bakit ngayon ka lang? torrent reviews

Rachel M (jp) wrote: i like this desny movies. it's funny b/c of George Lopez. mi corazon! LOL

Jack W (fr) wrote: A poorly made, horribly acted excuse of a kid's movie whose existence is a pure insult to film. Avoid at all costs. Please.

Ashley P (au) wrote: Loved this movie, one of my favorites

Tom G (it) wrote: Patch Adams carries an important message about humanity in the medical field. However, it's so cheesy and stupidly sweet, with cliche plot points noted by ridiculous swells of strings and tearful smiles, the message gets lost; and that's a shame.

Mohammed A (gb) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Jorge A (es) wrote: As como cuando intenta ver una pelcula de los 80s 30 aos despus... y descubre que no es ni un poquito interesante

Ashley V (de) wrote: first time seeing this classic b&w thx to iTunes Rentals. brings back memories of watching Ealing Studios movies on a sunday afternoon

Timm S (kr) wrote: I Found Lopez Irritating & Postumus. The Others Were Alright...But Peter Gabriel Saves It In The End, Making All But The Hardest Hearts Crack Open To Its Fluffy Charm. The Story Shuts Up Shop Soon Thereafter...Montaging It Down Without Much Left In The Tank..As You Do.

Cuneyt S (ca) wrote: Bigest BS story that ever been told. This movie is total BS. Make believe.

Collin P (us) wrote: While not always edge of your seat entertainment, Lone Survivor is just enough of a compelling look at the war.

Jacob D (ca) wrote: This is a great movie that can be pretty emotional at parts that will hook you from beginning to end.