Jedara Bale

Jedara Bale


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1968
  • Language:Kannada
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Jedara Bale 1968 full movies, Jedara Bale torrents movie

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Jedara Bale torrent reviews

Christopher H (nl) wrote: A must watch for all humanity!!

Dan O (us) wrote: Basically "The Big Chill" at the end of the world, but with more cheese and no cool soundtrack.

Scott R (mx) wrote: I had a good time, but sadly found myself wondering when it would end. It did make me wonder how sexuality is being blurred that it makes our definitions no longer black and white. What kind of effect does this have on raising children? Where do I fit on the spectrum? My friend noticed that some of the participants were not entirely sober when filming.Oh, the beard man was particularly sad, and I was embarrassed for his passion for his beard and did not think him worthy to win his European title. I guess the Austrians felt it was time for something new.

Christopher L (ag) wrote: Silly, funny and frightening '80s horror picture.

Nick Y (au) wrote: The first one wasn't that great but I liked it 10x more than this one. I actually liked the main character of the first one. I disliked all of the ones in this one other than Tim. Eve was hot and all... but what a homie hopping ho. Mike was a douchebag. Zach was a douche too but he didn't try to hide it. He's a typical boxer playboy. I will say the fights are choreographed a lot better but it looked pretty fake. Michael Jai White was also a character I liked. Was cool to see Lyoto Machida in it as well. At least they got more people with martial arts backgrounds for this movie. They story was meh but at least it made sense. It tried too hard to have morals imo. Scottie Epstein did a not bad job at being a psychopath. Strippers were hot.... Body-wise anyways...

Ireland C (jp) wrote: I just loved I thougbit was great

Joshualylejohnson J (mx) wrote: INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL cinematography. I liked it. but if you're not paying attention to every frame it moves so fast you miss too much.

Marco K (au) wrote: One of the most boring movies, I've ever seen.

Grant B (au) wrote: Directed by "controversial" Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, "Certified Copy" is a film about what is real and what is fake. Juliette Binoche plays a woman only known as "she" (as revealed by the credits) who is moderately infatuated with a man named James Miller who has written a book titled "Certified Copy" which examines the importance of copies and forged artworks and how the fake artworks can bring viewers of art closer to the originals (even though it isn't real)... thus begins our film. The unnamed main character (she), invites the author to see her personal antique collection, and from that point they spend the entire day together. Their day begins simply by talking about art as they drive through the streets of Italy, but when they stop at a coffee shop and the elderly lady serving the coffee mistakes them for being a married couple Juliette Binoche's character decides to play along. For the rest of the day, she and James spend the whole day pretending to be a married couple traveling through Italy for their 15th wedding anniversary. The script of "Certified Copy" is not perfect, but it is the small coincidences and random background noises or images that really help the theme of this film breathe. Wedding bells are heard from chapels constantly, and newly weds still in suits and white dresses are seen in several scenes parading the streets and having their pictures taken. (Having the main character unnamed also implies a sense of submission to one' husband as found in wedding vows and the culture that the director is from.) Where this film could have fallen apart, is just when the story picks up. At times, their pretending and references to events that both of them know never happened (example: their wedding day) cross a line of unbelievability as we, as an audience, have to cross the hurtle that both characters are choosing to pretend they are married without ever acknowledging that they are pretending. That's where the theme of the film shines at its a best. It does't matter that they weren't really married, as it helped them see their own flaws and gain a greater understanding of love and marriage (just as a forged painting can give a viewer the same knowledge as the real painting). This movie isn't for everyone, but it is a beautiful look at the occasionally ugly side of love and the things that love can make people do for others.

Jonny C (it) wrote: Although the animation is some of the worst I've seen and the story is shit. I've never seen a western animated movie with so much blood and violence. Definitly worth a look.

Jordan A (ag) wrote: Although no were near as good as Boyz N the Hood, this drama proves to be another good film from Singleton with a realistic look at racism and how it affects our society, which can be a little bit preachy. The film is overall decent with good and relatable characters. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Warren S (au) wrote: Jessica Lange does a great job and is a great movie based on Patsy Clines short life. If you have seen "coalminers daughter", you will have wished to have seen "Beverly D'Angelo" in this role as she sang her own songs as Patsy not like Jessica Lange who only lypsynced!!

Michelle F (ru) wrote: frickn' hilarious!!!!

Nicholas L (jp) wrote: The ex president of America was a Vampire slayer? What an imagination. Who knows in the near future, we may see Mother Teresa portrayed as a ninja. After all, they have already made sweet Snow White a swordswoman. The audience can embrace all this fantasy easily provided that the movie is presented in a humorous way or as a parody. But the director decides to play things straight. It is hard to fault this movie technically. It is just difficult to take it seriously.

Chris B (gb) wrote: Rip Tony. My fav Tony film.

Kristina R (gb) wrote: I actually think this movie doesn't get enough credit. Mandy Patinkin is great in his role but is an awesome character actor and James Caan is the angry detective who doesn't take smack off of anyone. For the 80's the effects are pretty good and the story line lead to a TV series so that in itself says something, if you like V then you should definitely like Alien Nation.