Jede Menge Kohle

Jede Menge Kohle

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mining,  

Pitman Katlewski is fed up with his conventional life: a wife, small apartment, nice living room furniture - and DM 9150 in debt to pay for all of the former. One day at work, he walks ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eve B (fr) wrote: Bon moment de rigolade!!!! Merci Mamie Suze!

Russell G (au) wrote: It feels like this documentary is attempting to piggyback on the success of Who Killed the Electric Car. It is exciting to see there is growing momentum in the car industry to make a push for electric cars. That excitement, however, does not translate into enough content to make an interesting full-length feature. There just is no meat to this, and it makes it move slowly. The subject matter is worthy, but the presentation and content are just not there. Sometimes good documentaries take years to make; this one needed to cook much longer.

Enrique S (mx) wrote: Esta es la original. Hay que verla, y de preferencia antes que la de cruise.

Darlene M (mx) wrote: I love this one as much as the first, maybe more. The will they - won't they, and the real-time interaction is perfect.

Heidy Z (it) wrote: Just like the author who wrote the original story, he was telling the story only, with no intention to impress anyone. Being exposed to such a powerful love story feels like experiencing the eruption of a dormant volcano. One second you are stilling standing on a safe ground, the next second you are shaking and trembling, being wrapped by our own emotional movement but have nowhere to escape. This is a soul-waking, classic and impeccable film.

Sean D (us) wrote: Dragonfly is a non-horror take on films like White Noise. Well, if you ever wondered what those supernatural dead spouse films would be like if they weren't horror...then you have this film. The plot was okay. It's somewhat predictable. You have that one doubtful character, who happens to a be Kathy Bates playing a lawyer. The last 45 of the film is probably the best, because it's really interesting and tries to stare the purpose of the film.

TheScarlatescu R (br) wrote: big female cast and all of them blonds, so cool(Hudson has an amazing body in this movie)

Westleigh Q (it) wrote: Predictable, middle of the road sci-fi thriller that does little to excite or interest the audience. There's not much to see here that you haven't seen already 100 times before, so Impostor doesn't even manage to intrigue fans of the genre.

Brynn H (kr) wrote: cute but not very good, the cover is more exciting than the movie.

Rachel C (de) wrote: This gets funnier every time in watch it. I love this movie

Ilsa L (ag) wrote: Cultural cringe much??

Jamie B (nl) wrote: I enjoy a good 80's cheesefest, but this one, with its sloppily-done amnesia plot (which felt straight out of a TV sitcom) was mediocre at best. On the plus side, I will forever enjoy jamming along to Madonna's "Into the Groove," and this movie provides a couple of opportunities to do just that.

Hal M (us) wrote: Outstanding acting across the board, taut direction by Nicholas Jarecki. Highly recommended.

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