Jeevan Jyoti

Jeevan Jyoti

Shekhar, a rich man's son marries Laxmi, to prevent an embarrassing situation for her, when the bridegroom, his friend, is arrested for being associated with a gang. Suspicion against his ...

Shekhar, a rich man's son marries Laxmi, to prevent an embarrassing situation for her, when the bridegroom, his friend, is arrested for being associated with a gang. Suspicion against his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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M C (de) wrote: A very crappy movie that delivers none of the campy fun the title suggests. 25/100

Christopher C (fr) wrote: Very eye opening Documentary and MUCH better than I expected! See this movie.

Iran S (us) wrote: Entertaining and fun. Recommended.

Charles G (ca) wrote: Hilariously quotable, with dozens of lines I have memorised. Rudd's lack of joie de vivre mixes perfectly with Scott's reckless abandonment. All of the cast add some humour to the film, which seems rare these days. Just a really funny, light-hearted, quotable film.

Mickey D (it) wrote: this movie is complete and utter ass... and a disgrace to animation itself

Graham M (de) wrote: A beautifully shot but meandering and often poorly acted mess

Tim S (fr) wrote: Since my early days of childhood, Back to the Future has been one of my favorite and most enjoyable movie experiences. It's one of those movies where there's not one wrong note and everything comes together perfectly. The cast is genuine and wonderful and everyone gives top notch performances, even the under-credited Crispin Glover. Christopher Lloyd is just fantastic, as always. And I can't go by without giving Michael J. Fox props, because he's one of my all time heroes from film and television. Thankfully the film still looks fresh thanks to the cinematography of Dean Cundey. Sure the story's dated by being set in the 1980's, but I think the subject matter is very forgiving of that. I also can't go by without mentioning the film's score. It's absolutely phenomenal, and epic in scale for a film that's not really all that epic. It really doesn't need it but yet it can't live without it. It's just one of those magical pieces of music that blends incredibly-well into the fabric of the film. Overall, it's just a fantastic slice of filmmaking with an overall classic feel that somehow makes it timeless and forever accessible to audiences all over the world.

Janna M (gb) wrote: This is quite a story..a true story in fact, of a BC Dairy Queen cashier named Dorothy Hoogstraten who one day waits on a sketchy hustler called Paul Snider (played expertly by the underrated Eric Roberts). He goes on to help her become Playboy Playmate of the Year 1980 (hence the title), and eventually seal her fate as a beautiful starlet gone too soon. The darkside of Hollywood.

Kayla K (us) wrote: This film was prefaced as being incredibly racist and shocking.Which means, it's official: I'm desensitized.Though it it racist... sickening to see people treated like that.The scope of such a budget film is jaw dropping. It's like a realistic look at slavery a la Schindler's List only decades earlier. Lots of nudity, lots of violence, a lot of mistreatment , lots of slurs. A lot more graphic towards the sexuality going ons as well.After a lot of misery, about 100 minutes in, I took a break and went to talk to people in the lobby. There we talked about it. Apparently it was shot in Haiti, where people are willing to brutalize themselves. Which is a compelling story.There are a lot of layers to it, but it's very repetitive... it sucks to be a slave.Apparently the end has a modern character fantasizing about a reversal in treatment (white slaves I think?).Interesting, but not a choice film for me.I'm told the making of story is fascinating

James S (fr) wrote: 'The Holiday' is one of those classic Crimbo rom coms, slotting in nicely alongside Love Actually and the rest. Whilst not containing a riveting story-line, explosive action or complex character development, it succeeds in my opinion as being an entertaining feel good movie that is watchable over and over again each festive season.

Taylor W (fr) wrote: This a bad sports movie about a not normal sport since BASEketball

Christopher H (ru) wrote: Pure heart warming fun.