Jefe de vigilancia

Jefe de vigilancia


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Irene S (jp) wrote: super cute movie about a lady who continues to repeat the 24th of december until fates decides the step in. its kike ground hog day but with the Christmas twist. very entertaining and fun.

Luke C (br) wrote: one way to tell that a movie is a bad movie is if you didn't know if it exists. seriously, I found out this sequel was born into this world at TJ-Max on VHS. I bought it to find out that it was horribly animated, horribly written-yeh i cant go on with this anymore

Scott C (gb) wrote: It completely left my mind. I seem to remember it just being weird.

Rebecca A (ca) wrote: I love this movie! dolly is so amazing. This movie is funny, cute and bittersweet. "Get down off the cross, honey, somebody needs the wood!"

Jason S (de) wrote: its about kids who think they can handle being on their own in the streets of la apprently 1st movie will smith was in its funny seeing the stars being that young in the movie back in the days

Nidhi J (de) wrote: A sad waste of talent!

Sean N (es) wrote: Something about the way it's shot makes it seem real classy. A favorite giallo for sure.

Walter M (au) wrote: [font=Century Gothic][color=red]Sergei Eisenstein made a two part epic about Ivan the Terrible in the 1940's in the USSR. Both films are good and recommended.[/color][/font][font=Century Gothic][color=red][/color][/font] [font=Century Gothic][color=red]The first part starts with Ivan's coronation and shows his continuing battles with the boyars. In this segment, Ivan places a great deal of emphasis on why he should have absolute power. This can be seen as a defense of Stalin's absolute hold on his country at the time this film was made. It's ironic because Eisenstein is using a Tsar to defend the rule of a Communist leader.[/color][/font][font=Century Gothic][color=#ff0000][/color][/font] [font=Century Gothic][color=#ff0000]The second part is about the end of Ivan's battle with the boyars as he starts to use peasants as his enforcers in a brutal crackdown. Now, Eisenstein is starting to examine some of the negative aspects of absolute rule. The film climaxes with a delirious banquet scene filmed in color.[/color][/font]

Diego Martn (gb) wrote: Es de esas peliculas que veo yo solo. pero bueno, la vi y listo, para pasar el rato 6/10

Hugo G (kr) wrote: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her8/10I had watched first the Them version, and I ended up a little disappointed, but after watching Her version, I really liked it more. This version felt more explanatory and cohesive because it was all about her and really made her character more complete and cohesive. It did sometimes felt odd that James McAvoy appeared very little, but because of how amazing is Jessica Chastain, there was never a scene where something felt like too much of her. And although I haven't seen His version, this one so far has been the best one in my opinion, Jessica once again knows how to get into this characters and make them as real as possible, and Eleanor Rigby isn't the exception. ~January 25, 2015~