Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters

Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters

Stand-up comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. Enter the ultimate hunted house where Walter transforms into something grumpier than he already is! Watch Bubba J. rise from the dead! Meet Peanut's alter ego, The Purple Venger of the Night, and his spicy sidekick! and witness Achmed litterally dressed to kill in an outfit terrify the most terrifying terrorist!

Jeff Dunham is a guy with a special charisma not only good looks but also in a rare talent - the ability to manipulate puppets and speaking with many voices (voice abdomen). With this talent, he has brought endless laughter to the audience through the tangled drama that is extremely unique. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamon M (kr) wrote: I would like to watch this I bet it is real good for a movie

Whit w (mx) wrote: A three story anthology from South Korea that all deal with an impending apocalypse. While the look of all three stories is pretty amazing, the result is nothing very memorable. The beginning tale is a pretty standard, but quirky bit of zombie trouble. The recent zombie craze is nearly as overplayed as the "Twilight"-influenced vampire obsession has been. New idea time, please. The middle story is set in the future and tells of a robot whose malfunction is achieving total consciousness. Sandwiched in between a bit about zombies and an object colliding with Earth, it's a heady, ambitious piece with a confusing ending. It looks beautiful, though. The closer is about a little girl who orders an eight-ball from a website and seals the fate of humanity. It's weird, but I liked it more than the other stories.

Ming Siu G (ru) wrote: A simple movie, but that's not necessarily bad. Not when it's the creme de la creme of food porn. Yum.

Andy R (es) wrote: Worst movie ever... Awful!

Michael T (mx) wrote: Intelligently produced, a little overlong.

Wendy B (de) wrote: I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would--probably because I grew up watching Hitchcock mysteries. This is probably the kind of movie that Hitchcock would've made if he was Mormon, but that's just my opinion. :)

Jimmy P (kr) wrote: Return to form creepy bizarre horror thriller from legend Dario Argento. Good.

John M (au) wrote: Impossibly Awrful! But, Great Cinematography and Film ScoreThis movie is so amazingly, impossibly melodramatic! It's just so over the top that you can't help yourself from laughing at a certain point. And, what is that point?(SPOILERS) At this point, every tragedy imaginable has befallen this family. One after another, people die for the sake of dying, to create "drama!" But, when Anthony Hopkins emerges from his homestead, having had a stroke, with a Popeye-type squinched-down eye, and a small blackboard strung around his neck so he can communicate, I just laughed. I know that wasn't the intention of the filmmakers, but, how could you not? Add to that, the "Trials of Tristan," the Godlike son who endlessly goes through one soul-stirring crisis of the soul after another! Way, WAY too much! (END SPOILERS)Basically, the whole movie is like "A River Runs Through It" - The Telenovela Version! All the great cinematography and setting, but impossibly heavy-handed "storytelling" in place of the great story of Redford's film.And yet, I keep watching this stupid thing time and again for John Toll's gorgeous cinematography, and James Horner's great film score.But, as a film, it's howlingly awful!

Steve G (ag) wrote: A surprisingly beautiful & poignant portrayal of the real life, every day struggles of a married couple. Wonderfully understated performances by Irene Dunn & Cary Grant, in his finest hour. Not even slightly overacted. The movie is like a living, breathing poem. I like the motif of the each record representing an existential experience in their life together. The sad repercussions of a lack of communication is an apt lesson. The movie teaches the viewers that the things we take for granted are often to be valued most. The one drawback for me is the ending which sort of states that only a child is reason enough to uphold marital vows. I disagree with the sentiment. But the movie succeeds nonetheless.

Nando V (au) wrote: Intelligently scripted, perfectly acted and beautifully executed... It's been a while since movies have given me problems to pick on their flaws: and this is one.

Chris F (fr) wrote: Meet the Blacks is a painfully unfunny spoof of The Purge. Mike Epps tries in the lead role. But his character just isn't likable or funny. The other actors are fine, just not funny. The biggest problem with this film is the script. The jokes don't land. A lot of the humor is just racist. The film also fails at being a parody. The film doesn't really spoof anything. It just takes place while the Purge happens. The story isn't entertaining, but I could've forgiven that if the film landed any jokes. I literally fell asleep towards the end of the film. Overall, this pales in comparison to the Scary Movie franchise and even the A Haunted House movies. And those aren't even good!