Jenglot pantai selatan

Jenglot pantai selatan


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Indonesian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Jenglot pantai selatan torrent reviews

Tyler R (nl) wrote: It wasn't as funny as the first one but I did laugh pretty hard a couple times. There was to many extra gross parts that took away from the movie. Cedric the entertainer was the funniest part of the first movie and he wasn't really in this one.

Himanshu V (de) wrote: Trailer is better than the movie.

John R (ru) wrote: 091204: Fantastic. A blast, if you're into those movies that make you me. This would've been great to see at the theatres.

Robyn N (fr) wrote: The straight-faced absurdity is part of the film's charm, but it's the relentless pace with invigorating action sequences that comes to define "District B13." Director Pierre Morel, working from a script by producer Luc Besson, focuses only on the essentials for an action film: speed, stunts, and the kind of human special effects that technology can't deliver. Set in future of 2010, "District B13" imagines crime and anarchy to have gotten so out of control that the government has erected a wall to isolate a suburban ghetto from proper Paris residents. Leto (David Belle) is one of few residents to challenge gang leaders, who are profiting from illegal activities festering inside the slums. The undesirable occupants of District B13 are ruled by the ruthless, drug addicted gangster Taha (Bibi Naceri), who is protected by his own crew of criminals. When these gangsters mysteriously acquire a massive bomb and trip the 24-hour fuse, elite cop Damien (Cyril Rafaelli) teams up with local resident and crime stopper Leto to save the day. And yes, the story line is as ridiculously bad as it sounds. "District B13" is simply a continuous stream of fight and chase scenes, each more elaborate than the next. The film's opening chase sequence is devoted to Leto as he dazzles with his virtuosic ability to leap across buildings and rooftops, through windows, and over the various concrete impediments of the urban jungle. (Belle's athletic talent stems from his background as one of the founders of the sport of Parkour, which combines running and martial arts, moves for total mobility in an urban environment). All of the stunt work done is real, what you see is what you get (no CGI). Both Raffaelli and Belle execute all of their own stunts, while stylishly captured by first-time director Pierre Morel.

Bloodmarsh K (it) wrote: At two hours long, it could have been a real disaster - but it actually wasn't bad.

Ills G (us) wrote: A suspended detective who falls in love with a mysterious blonde woman, while a nice brown loves him. Has to fight his past dark mistakes and sins in the sunny San Francisco. And this is not the Vertigo.

Brad S (ru) wrote: This one is #4 on my all-time list and just saw a 4k Digital restoration of it in theatres, what an experience. Such a masterful film, but seeing it on the big screen with an enthusiastic audience was truly special. If you've never seen it, then run, don't walk, to check it out!

John B (au) wrote: Unnecessary (s)equal to Rocky Horror. Feels very familiar to RH, same type of songs written by Richard O'Brien. Not horrible, but not great either.

Jordan C (es) wrote: Teenage angst, great soundtrack and a young Matt Dillon, what is not to love?

kam b (mx) wrote: Great acting though!

Derrick M (ca) wrote: Flimsy thriller which gives Michael Douglas very little to work with. Nae great!

tyler v (fr) wrote: it has its flaws but its good

Erno K (mx) wrote: There are two kinds of movies. Others you watch with your friends and have a blast; these ones are probably very entertaining and action heavy blockbusters. Then there are the ones you watch alone, the ones where you reflect on life and shit. These stories are much more intimate and smaller in scale. I think I like these latter ones more.The premise alone is ripe for an intriguing flick. An old man comes back to his former farm and finds it occupied. The old man refuses to leave and chooses to live in the small shack in front of the main building. The fascinating dynamic is set.I liked how the film tries to tell both sides of the story. The new occupants' situation is elaborated on as well, and they have their own difficulties and are not evil people. However, all shreds of sympathy vanished when the drunk younger man kills the old man's dog. I mean what the fuck? It's brilliant how the geezer turns that to his advantage in the turf war, though.There is a solemn feeling to the movie, as the old man is angry and bitter, and harbors great guilt about something that happened in the past. He has also grown distant of his son, and this relationship is explored in the film as well, albeit briefly.In the end That Evening Sun is all about Meecham and his journey to cope with aging and the loss of his familiar home, among many other things, and Hal Holbrook is truly great in the role. His monologues to his dog are heartbreaking and moving.I cherish these smaller films that evoke real emotions I can relate to (Well, not the I'm 80-years-old part). I hope all the superhero epics that are coming at us left and right won't ever stop people making these small, touching narratives.