Jenny, Juno

Jenny, Juno

Jenny, Juno centers on the title characters of Jenny (Park Min-Ji) and Juno (Kim Hye-Song), two fifteen year old middle school students whose one night of romance has dramatic consequences for both their lives. After careful deliberation, the two expectant parents decide to keep the baby.

Fearing their families' disapproval, Jeni and her boyfriend Juno keep her pregnancy hidden. How long can the teenagers keep the secret? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (ca) wrote: Oui, j'ai deux amours, mon pays et Paris. Magnificently casted with two of France's giants: Arestrup & Dessollier. Rarely will you see a film where two mens dialogue carry almost the entire movie. And thanks to Choltitz and Nordling, Paris will not be burning.

Sean M (de) wrote: This is how i feel every time im waiting for overtime.

Arivan G (br) wrote: Its All about expectations!!

Kevin A (fr) wrote: Though, it is slow at times, Beginners is a charming yet sad realization to what real love is about and the tragedy to what it feels like to be alone.

Juls M (es) wrote: this ain't no "Crazy, Stupid, Love"

Marcus M (gb) wrote: So so flick... Not gonna lie, shit had me biting my fingers and cringing when they were torturing this guy.. Even had to turn away like a little bitch.. I feel like the star woman was Madison from swimfan just 15 years later... The ending was good just had me confused on which guy it truly was who was being tortured.. Nightmares for sure tonight!

Heather M (jp) wrote: Awww, this movie is just adorable. Two adorable Japanese girls in love. They giggle. They hug. They hold hands and skip. They're cuter than great big lesbian kittens.

Noname (mx) wrote: A bt like *wilderness* bloody and kills in plenty. Some comedy aswell and if u like this type of movies , grab it :)

Black R (ru) wrote: All this time I wanted to see this, and it was on Flixster the whole time! If your a fan of the Pixies, this is a perfect movie for you, showing their biggest comback since Trompe Le Monde, and thats bringing the band back together to tour North America and Europe (Hoping that they'll make a new album soon). After meeting up with each other, it reminds them of why they broke up. I didn't know that it was going to be this good, because the problems between the band makes this somewhat intense. Listening to The Pixies play is awesome, and its nice to watch them on the big screen as well.

Tega O (jp) wrote: i can't possibly express the way i felt watching dis!! i ave tried but i still can't cos i've watched it ova 23 times!! still trips me badly.

Art S (jp) wrote: Possibly Jim Jarmusch let his fan worship get in the way of making a really good concert documentary of Crazy Horse -- what he ended up with is kind of a mess. He let's the Crazy Horse members act too much like old farts and keeps in footage that he really should have edited out. That said, if you love it when every Neil Young song turns into a long guitar jam, then the music will carry you through this film. Jarmusch does glimpse transcendence from time to time by intercutting travelling shots into the live shots.

Trent R (it) wrote: This has decent elements for crap hilarity: Hitler, werewolf granny, self-cannibalizing prosthetic head midget, competent Indian director, homoerotic `80s hair metal antics, and a pedophilic love ballad for the central romance. But it just kind of meanders about and features overlong musical montage sequences too prominently. Maybe a decent flick to put on mute during a party, but not hilarious enough to actually sit through.

Logan M (it) wrote: A Coen brothers' movie almost always guarantees a riveting, unpredictable crime tale, and "Blood Simple" is no exception.

Craig C (fr) wrote: In Summer 1984, critics trashed this film for poor acting and wafer thin script.. completely missing the point. The band rivalries and domestic violence are sidebars to the music, which carries the picture. 30 years on, one can easily see why this lifted Eric Clapton out of depression and inspired Springsteen. Purple Rain was a star-making vehicle for Prince, and when judged as a musician's film, it's flawless.

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Michael L (au) wrote: this is my favorite suzuki film so far and it differs greatly from his stylized gangster films that follow in his career. this is closer to someone like ichikawa but there are some subtle touches and shots that give it the suzuki touch. this is a great anti-militaristic film that looks at forbidden love and isolation. overall, a very beautiful film and a standout in his canon

Jonathan M (it) wrote: Classic Eisenstein take on Ivan the Terrible as a Christian icon and a dictatorial figure. In its silent film style acting it can seem overly posed, but part of the interest in watching this is the degree to which each scene is minutely composed. More aesthetically than historically interesting.

Mon K (us) wrote: Early & humble Hitchcock!

Barney o (jp) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: Wow this really is a franchise reboot; not only does 'Casino Royale' re-energise and re-stylise Bond, it also brings in a level of sophistication that we've never seen before. Seriously, the STORY is so twisted and layered, yet unlike the convoluted political nonsense of a 'Mission: Impossible' film, it's personal and so it has high-stakes and flows really damn well. This is impressive on it's own as it keeps you captivated and engaged, but it's even more amazing when you consider how it sets up the next film and keeps you in the know and surprises you just the right amounts. Yes, if it sounds like it's achieved a lot, it has - for goodness sake not only is this an exciting revenge plot, a great spy-thriller and a gripping character tale - it's also the best love story of the franchise so far!But a sophisticated story isn't all that makes this movie; something was needed to lift things above that grittiness. Luckily, this film found that solace in Daniel Craig. My gosh is this guy a good Bond; bringing a steeliness to compliment the new-found tone, yet a charm and witt to make everything all the more enjoyable. You properly, properly root for the guy, and that's thanks to Craig's performance, as well as his relevance and arc in the overall story. He can do smooth, he can do cold and he can damn well do action and as a result he's already the best Bond since Connery. Put all that good stuff in a film with all the usual fun action, glorious locations and sweeping musical numbers? It's kind of a Bond movie, but it's something quite a bit more too.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: A film this fresh and ambitious is bound to have problems, but the question is do they hinder the overall experience? Well, rarely; the only issue I have is that the overall tone is a little hard to adjust to - being such a fan of the classics. Having said that, in the words of 007 himself: "do I look like I give a damn?" Hmm I probably shouldn't, but I can say the feeling would have been less jarring had it stayed consistently dark throughout.VERDICT: I'd go as far as saying that the story in 'Casino Royale' is one of the biggest achievements in Cinema history. It engages, it flows and it works, and Daniel Craig elevates it even further. Just wow.

Zachary G (nl) wrote: This is one of those love/hate movies. I just wanted to see Stallone kick some ass and not some big muscle head who has no brain. Don't waste your time with this movie, it's really not good. If you want to see some good Stallone, watch Rocky.