Jeo-nyeok-eui gae-im

Jeo-nyeok-eui gae-im

An unwed daughter lives with her father who suffers from dementia. She desperately desires to break away from this life, but she cannot. Based on the novel "Game of the Night" by Oh Jung-hee.

An unwed daughter lives with her father who suffers from dementia. She desperately desires to break away from this life, but she cannot. Based on the novel "Game of the Night" by Oh Jung-hee. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexander C (ca) wrote: Worth watching want to see!

Corey n (jp) wrote: This is a solid mystery thriller. It stars Christopher Reeve as a Catholic priest who gets confessions from a serial killer. He can not confess to the police about this due to his vow as a priest but must stop this man from kiliing again. Reeve is quite good in this role. The story is solid and has enough suspense and mystery to make for a entertaining movie. Well worth a watch.

Jos H (it) wrote: Best comedy made in the Netherlands. Love it or hate it.

Jef C (mx) wrote: Karma meets charisma to irreverently render justice in a fashion most apropos to each transgressor. If Dante had written a witty western based on the Inferno it might have looked a lot like this.

David20 R (gb) wrote: Still a classic in my opinion, but greatly flawed and nowhere near as good as its predecessor. The films biggest issue is it focuses too much on its human characters who are not very interesting like say Dr.Serizawa. The biggest issue with this movie though is its dubbed English version. Unless you can speak Japanese, you'll need to see the English dubbed version, but the English dubbed version is half this movies problem. Due to several complicated ''legal' issues, when the film was dubbed for american audiences Hollywood couldn't get the rights to use the name "Godzilla" this time around (why I have no idea). So when the film was finally released in the USA and Canada in 1959 (the original Japanese version of the film came out in 1955) its title was changed from Godzilla Raids Again to Gigantis The Fire Monster, and godzilla was referred to as Gigantis instead... yea. Also for some reason this is the only toho Godzilla film where his roar is different. Its more high pitched and sounds fake as shit, doensn't sound anything at all like Godzilla. As far as his apperence, Godzilla looks exactly as he did in the first one, which is a plus for this film. Also this time around we are for the first time introduced to more than one kaiju monster as Godzilla finally meets his first opponent of many, Anguirus. The fight scenes are classic, and mark the beginning of many ass kickings handed out by the king of the monsters. My only other complaint is i thought the way they stopped Godzilla at the end was kinda weak, thats my opinion on it though, you may or may not feel different. To sum up, for a sequel to the hit classic "Gojira", Godzilla raids again was not as good as it should or could have been, but it wasn't a total loss. If you enjoyed the original Id say at least check this one out. Of the 3 Toho Godzilla films meant to be direct sequels to the original, this one was definitely the weakest (odd and kinda sad considering its was the first and very original sequel) . But it definitely isn't the worst Godzilla film ever... but all those ones came immediately after this so LMOA! It wouldn't be until 1984 that the world would finally get another good Godzilla film.

Cesar Z (ru) wrote: As a Raymond Chandler fan I'm disappointed that his screenplay wasn't used for this film. As a train-wreck fan this was awesome. The whole movie is shot from the POV of the main character and it's such a gimmick that it distracts from the actual film. Montgomery does his best quasi-Bogart but isn't that good, Audrey Totter is laughable as the leading lady but I quite enjoyed Lloyd Nolan as a disgruntled copper.

Scott F (mx) wrote: For those who have an interest in golf it's a film worth a watch as you discover how the great Seve become such a good player. Nad a bad film but if you don't have a cineworld card I probably wouldn't advise paying to see it.

Jovi J (us) wrote: re-watched tangled and thought of posting a review. a very good disney movie indeed. a perfect mix of comedy and seriousness.

Ali M (kr) wrote: Really enjoyed this on the plane to South Africa

Jennie H (jp) wrote: I wanted to like this - I like the people in it...but there was absolutely no chemistry between the characters. It seemed very awkward...and kinda past its time.