A woman is kidnapped when she goes to get help for her husband who is trapped on a beach with the tide coming in to surely drown him.

A man vacationing with his wife and son near a desolate jetty in Baja becomes trapped under a rotten timber as the inevitable tide threatens to drown him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jeopardy torrent reviews

WS W (es) wrote: Prequel was good. Sequel is shit.

REECE T (nl) wrote: A thought provoking film. If two people, in the Tel Aviv area, one in Israel and the other in Palestine can fall and stay in love why can't the two countries. Shows the homophobia prevalent in the Muslim community, and the anti Palestinian sentiment in the Jewish community. Through this, and some unnecessary harassment by the Israeli Security Forces and Palestinian terrorists the film gave me a lot to think about. Very good realistic acting by the two lead actors.

Robin W (mx) wrote: Several years after kicking ass together in "Inglorious Bastards", Bo Svenson and Fred Williamson reunited in "Deadly Impact", an action film with a silly plot about ripping off Las Vegas slot machines; despite the welcome presence of B-movie favorite Giovanni Lombardo Radice as a villain, the results are less than stellar. The two stars have a natural chemistry together and make a good cop-buddy team, but unfortunately, they aren't given a lot to work with here, as the thin story is just an excuse for a non-stop series of car and helicopter chases that drag on FOREVER and cross the boundaries of ridiculousness; at one point, the two heroes crash their chopper into a mountain and cause it to explode into a huge fireball, yet they somehow emerge completely unscathed! This also contains what is probably the absolute WORST and most inappropriate music score ever heard in an action film; it's hard to generate much excitement and tension in an action scene when the music sounds like something you'd hear in a dentist's office!

Jaime D (de) wrote: Jesus H Christ ! I really can't remember any character committed to celluloid being even half as annoying and grating as Vivian. After a decent start following 29 year old Wilsons looking for Love online the film became unwatchable with the introduction of mouthy, shallow, thick as shit and impossible to like Vivian. Literally within seconds of her first first lines I knew the film was beyond recovery and minutes later we switched it off

Alice S (br) wrote: tonnes of attitude, funny but poignant

Panta O (ca) wrote: Cecilie is Danish horror movie directed by Hans Fabian Wullenweber and it has every single thing you'll need from this type of movies... and still doesn't manage to reach any type of climax on any field! Cecilie (Sonja Richter) is a young married woman shattered by a brutal attack few years ago... and trying to start a new life working as a teacher in a small community. Everything could work fine if she wasn't pitted against the malevolent ghost of a murdered girl desperate to extract her revenge. But who was this little girl and what is the connection with Cecilie? You'll find out watching the movie - which is good for Australians, because that is the only time we'll see snow! It is a little bit embarrassing for the director and his helpers that they played the song "Smuk og dejlig" by "Shit & Chanel" at the school party which was supposedly happening in 1972 and that song was first released in 1975, as well as the scene where Per finds articles dated February 1972 on Ekstrabladets web site and Ekstrabladet did not start saving articles digitally until December 1990. Still, watch it... we need some snow on the South!

Luiserghio M (mx) wrote: Interesting photography of Christopher Doyle.-

MF J (mx) wrote: Dumb & Dumberer is a funny film but it never reaches the level of the original. They did try hard , choosing actors that look strikingly similar to the original cast but Troy Miller is definitely no the Farrelly Brothers in the director chair and his film look more like grotesque attempt to recapture the aura of the original rather than trying to original and different. The two lead actors are quite convincing in their stupidity and you will find yourself laughing at a few jokes but overall it lacks the typical touch of the Farrelly brothers who have a special knack to portray uncanny characters in silly situations and write excellent jokes.

Lee M (de) wrote: Presents a fascinating look at a journalist caught up in the tensions and violence in Nicaragua's civil war.

Vinnie F (kr) wrote: A very cute movie but with really choppy editing and if you want a very entertaining cut of the film, watch the 2001 restored cut, it might seem a little long but It does have a few improvements and filled plot holes that the Original Cut of the film need to clear up. Though some things in it weren't necessary to have. But overall the songs are pretty catchy but it feels a little dated, but still overall a delightful movie to watch for the whole family.

Alec B (nl) wrote: I love that Buuel takes these characters seriously while placing them in the most absurd of scenarios . . . like "Viridiana" this kind of consideration makes the satire more potent. I bet this film still makes members of the upper class angry.

Nathan R (de) wrote: Its very rarely a black and white film interests me but thanks to my own mama this one is a keeper. It's one of those warm movies of a family of Norwegian foreigners that are making it by and living the American dream. Overall its highly enjoyable, and Uncle Chris is a man you'll never forget from the film. You are given about 4-5 different stories that will make you smile and cheer you up for the day. In other words go see it already!

Li W (kr) wrote: I will be at the midnight release for this one!!

Krystof R (au) wrote: Soundtrack of this movie is simply beautiful.