Jeremy Jones is learning cello at an arts school in New York. At school he spots Susan Rollins, who practices for a ballet audition, and he falls in love on first sight. He's very diffident in nearing her, so he gets some help of his experienced friend Ralph. Susan's first impression isn't great, until she hears him play his cello. The movie paints a quiet image of him winning her heart and the development of their relationship.

Shy cellist boy meets upperclassman ballet dancing girl at school. They experience first-time love, then happenstance pulls them apart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Miteal C (gb) wrote: Overhead could have been so much better. Starts explosively but the energy soon wears off to a hurried climax. Despite all this, the movie has enough action and thrills to entertain the viewer for most part of the runtime.

James I (kr) wrote: A movie about air drumming to RUSH? It's like my life in movie form!

John T (ru) wrote: I loved this one. It's crazy! The city is a giant building (100s of floors) and the only way to get anywhere is to ride in an elevator (which takes hours because of the many floors) It was pretty cool looking at what they thing the future will be. -Cyber-Punk

Daisy M (mx) wrote: interesting. never seen a documentary like this before.

Andruw F (mx) wrote: They tried. Mike Epps steals the show. But aside from that, nothing else is good, with the exception of some alright but unrealistic action, and pretty good CGI and monsters. And having someone else direct was helpful because the dark dreary tone was present for most of the movie, and it definitely helped. The best this could be is a guilty pleasure.

Paul B (br) wrote: No prizes for guessing who I'm rooting for in this seemingly "made for TV drama" that pits the Behrani family, headed by Ben Kingsley, against the dim-witted character that Jennifer Connelly plays as they battle for possession of a house she lost due to her own negligence. As they try to settle into a new life in the United States, it is the quiet dignity of the once wealthy Iranian family that stays with you long after the credits have rolled. Nice performances from Kingsley and Iranian actress Shohreh Aghdashloo as his elegant wife, while Connelly for her part looks pretty in the role. Sad film, but largely over-rated, and never really rises from this "made for TV" feel. Still, top marks for telling a story where the American characters are hardly sympathetic. Worth watching.

Rhiannon P (ru) wrote: I thought it was cute and I genuinely enjoyed it...also, it's nice to see Pacino play something other than a cop :)

Michael D (de) wrote: not as good as the first part of the trilogy but still amazing

John R (fr) wrote: 160521: I originally watched this film on a plane trying to escape...something. Enjoyed it, rated it 4 stars, and then bought it in January of 2013. It was during my comedy for survival phase, a phase I may be re-entering. Anyway, watched on a rainy Saturday afternoon while working around the house. Though it has its moments, it didn't quite have the same impact as the first time. It's a decent comedy but based upon a nasty human flaw that reveals itself over and over again. Even with all the laughs, the pain of that flaw upsets the scale too much currently. Perhaps another time?

Sande K (nl) wrote: Outstanding war film about how all veterans respond to the insanity of making war.

Maksim C (jp) wrote: Vanessa Hudgens playing a vampire whore is the only redeeming part of this movie