Jeremy Hardy vs. the Israeli Army

Jeremy Hardy vs. the Israeli Army

It follows the International Solidarity Movement and their activities in Palestine, with London-based comedian Jeremy Hardy as an outsider looking in.

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Jeremy Hardy vs. the Israeli Army torrent reviews

mike c (jp) wrote: A must-see commentary on the cruelty of the UK's current welfare regime

Heather M (fr) wrote: Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs? Oh HELL no. Noah Wyle was genius as Steve Jobs in Pirates of Silicon Valley (and Anthony Michael Hall was a BRILLIANT Bill Gates, too). Let him do it.Like

l i n d (au) wrote: Intense, weird and somewhat meaningless.

Akshay R (mx) wrote: Schizophrenic, as it doesn't concentrate on any particular point of the story and just goes haywire from the second act itself. It tries to be a cop story, ends up as a ghost story.

kristal g (gb) wrote: this movie had a lot of emotions. gang related problems, funny parts, sadness, and happiness. overall it was a pretty straight movie.

Webster L (br) wrote: Highly recommend this film.

Jacky L (gb) wrote: i had decided this wasn't going to be good halfway through the movie, but the second half caught me by surprise. chuckled out loud more than once and even though it ain't a 'good' movie, the ending was feel good; i enjoyed it. light entertainment for an evening.

Lei E (ca) wrote: My favorite pinoy movie!!

Vikki A (nl) wrote: This is an exceptional movie, even by today's standards.

Kevin D (de) wrote: Has a lot of charm, but pretty clunky in spots.

Jessica P (fr) wrote: This movie is ridiculously adorable.

Tim R (ru) wrote: Meh. Weird movie. Another one I would just prefer see a great documentary about. Also thought it was distracting to see todays current writers and reporters in roles as reporters from back then.

Alison S (ag) wrote: Teen movies were so good back then. It seemed to end after John Hughes...Whenever I hear 'On the Radio' by Regina Spector, I instantly think of this movie. It played throughout the movie. A must-see!

Emily A (fr) wrote: Masters the dragging frustration of the character with the overly long shots, and Michelle Williams' silent, growing portrayal of being beaten down as the movie goes on is so subtle and clear. Risky, and super effective.

Mark D (it) wrote: Despite it's incredibly bad acting and loose plot i really enjoyed it. It's a shame the actors didn't get another job.

Rob M (us) wrote: I thought this was a subtle, deep, gorgeous and touching film that reminded me a little of Malick's Days of Heaven and made me want to live on a Scottish farm. I didn't like the ending but it didn't detract from the film and I could've kept watching these characters in their land.