Jeremy Jones' Further

Jeremy Jones' Further

FURTHER: the second installment in the DEEPER, FURTHER, HIGHER trilogy. FURTHER will explore some of the world's most remote mountain terrain while continuing Jones' mission to camp deep in...

FURTHER: the second installment in the DEEPER, FURTHER, HIGHER trilogy. FURTHER will explore some of the world's most remote mountain terrain while continuing Jones' mission to camp deep in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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FilmGrinder S (nl) wrote: Almost everything you need to know about the Philipian explotation movement.

Antony O (br) wrote: Rubber is a hilarious trash film and an ode to no reason and nonsense with a great character development, an astounding photography and a great direction. Besides the trash and bizarre, this film is meta-linguistics and goes beyond, it the film criticizes the public which is used to overly expository films.

Brian P (ru) wrote: I enjoyed this movie better than expected

Bruce B (fr) wrote: A good filn that talks with the boxers of the past when everybody knew who these boxers were along with the Champ Muhammad Ali. Ask anybody back between 1960-1978 who the Boxing Champ of the world was they would say ALI, ask today and 9 out of 10 people will say I don't know. The only dissapointing part of the film no modern day interview with Ali. Still 3 1/2 stars

Angelique P (br) wrote: This is a very moving film about what happened in the Muslim and Indian Communities after 9/11.

James J (gb) wrote: The Good: It does end. The Bad: Many years ago, while viewing a fireworks display on the Fourth of July, I encountered a decomposing human body. True story. Trying to describe how I feel about this film is comparable to trying to describe how bad that rotting person smelled. I am simply at a loss for metaphors and comparisons here - it~s just that bad. This movie is so bad in fact, that a body found in a dumpster is the first thing to come to mind for my review. Now that(TM)s fucking bad, my friend. However, before I go any further, let me say that the Independent nature of this movie is irrelevant to me. I love good stories, regardless of budget. The ability to pen an intriguing story with captivating characters is not governed by how much money you have to spend. That ability is also not related to anything you will find in Death of a Ghost Hunter. To begin, there are no spoilers to be found in this review that the first few minutes of the film will not divulge; not that the title doesn(TM)t spell it all out for you anyway. Suspense or dramatic conclusions be damned, the name says it all. From start to finish, this film spoon feeds everything to the viewer. It is an exercise in overstatement and exposition. It leads one to imagine that the film is aimed towards a viewing audience of people who cannot effectively operate a toaster. Anything above that intellectual level will leave you bored, rolling your eyes, and wishing you were unconscious. It is basically the Blair Witch Project with ghosts as the antagonists, and without location change or originality. There is a funny scene where one of the actors mimics a scene from BWP, but I(TM)ve read that it was an ad lib and so no credit should go towards the writer for that. Flaming bags of poop should go towards the writer. The story was not the only thing ripped off here though. There is a bit of music that plays incessantly through this 107 minute soul-killer that comes from the Halloween films. Three notes, played slowly, over and over and over again. It is so distracting and annoying that I actually pointed a gun at my computer to make it stop - of course my mind had already snapped by that point so it(TM)s excusable. Then came the second act. The acting here is terrible on all counts, but it can be overlooked because it(TM)s a low budget film. You know how you switch off certain judgmental criteria when a child brings you a drawing? Same thing goes here. It was shot in nine days, all in the same house, and probably for a budget of about seventy-five cents so right off the bat you know the acting will be bad; no big deal. Sometimes that makes it all the more enjoyable. It(TM)s the endless exposition, clich (C) lines, and flat lining dialogue that is unforgivable. The writing is uninventive, unrealistic, and totally contrived. The only thing worse are the special effects that are anything but. Unless of course by ~special(TM) you mean short-bus. The third (and fourth ?) acts made me want to pour drain cleaner in my eyes. Had my nervous system not shut down by that point, it would be a much blinder man typing for you now. The Ugly: the worst aspects of this film are it(TM)s length and pointlessness. There is also a scene where you think that some big-booby-groping-making-out might happen and they even rob you of that vicarious thrill, leaving literally no benefit whatsoever to sitting through this: the title tells you what is going to happen, the cover of the DVD shows the scariest scene in the film, and it(TM)s Blair Witch predecessor/inspiration has already used the premise so there is truly no reason for you to see this unless you are planning to start your own MKUltra project and need something to destroy the minds of your victims. Old School: I really don(TM)t know what to say here. There are actually living human beings who are not associated with this film and liked it anyway. I would not have dared to guess that such a thing were possible, but apparently it is. Whether these people have experimented with trepanning or not, is anyone(TM)s guess. Folks with full frontal lobotomies may enjoy filling their laps with drool while staring at a television upon which this film plays, but everyone else should avoid it. New Blood: Now here is a group of people who might have a good time watching this film because their lack of horror-movie-watching experience will keep them from recognizing how shotty a rip-off this film is. While being a bane to epicureans, film virgins may not want revenge after seeing this one. My condolences to you all. Ownage: Rent, buy, pirate or Con? Okay, look; I know that you and I don(TM)t know each other so I can(TM)t really make a heart-felt plea here, but PLEASE, from the bottom of my heart, I am pleading with you to not watch this film. It is that bad. Uwe Boll should win an award simply for not sucking as much as this film does. The Judas Project is the only greater cine-torture I(TM)ve ever endured and I beg you not to watch that either. If you should see a copy of Death of a Ghost Hunter anywhere, bury it. Don(TM)t pay for it or barter, just grab the accursed thing (be it VHS or DVD) run with the wind, and bury it as fast as possible. Drop kick it, THEN bury it. Fini.

James R (it) wrote: A stranger wanders into a bar and tells everyone within that there are monsters headed their way to kill them. SciFi/Dark Comedy but poorly done. Still couldn't stop watching due to one really does want to know what's going on. EFX are cheesy and acting of course is terrible. If you don't mind cheesy movies not meant to be a blockbuster or are into cult following films check this one out. If not than skip it.

Sanaa I (it) wrote: i love this film, one of the few which made me cry.. where his dad is hanging..

David I (jp) wrote: A surprisingly solid subpolitical urban legend about a determined and crossed young man who smears the mayor for his older brother who got the shaft from the city. The ending is nothing but joy and smiles.

Stefanie C (ag) wrote: Chilling! Fassbinder's visual technique complements the morphine induced highs and lows experienced by the star. A harrowing satire of the fickleness of the film industry, public perception, addiction, and the parasites that prosper through exploitation.

CJ C (ru) wrote: Why is this story so much better in EVIL UNDER THE SUN?

Adam S (br) wrote: Historical Korda production, with Flora Robson as Liz, Raymond Massey as the King of Spain, Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier as lovers (for the first time), and notable James Wong Howe cinematography. A good looking film.

Agustn S (ca) wrote: Managing to be heartwarming without forgetting to be honest is About Time's strongest asset. With some strong performances, an uncommonly interesting premise despite being a romantic comedy and and overall uplifting atmosphere, Richard Curtis's time traveling drama is a charming, smart and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Serena F (ru) wrote: se potessi dargli zero stelle lo farei

Lilian L (fr) wrote: The concept about time and money is pretty interesting. Rich people have more time, slower pace .. Just like the real world. Pretty cruel and sarcastic.

Ashiko M (us) wrote: Swear...they making a remake...this remake crap is really starting to piss me off..ugh..the original is a classic...who in the hell is going to play booger?

Jamie C (kr) wrote: Bond is back and with style, Daniel Craigs third Bond film is on par with the best Bond film ever Casino Royale, Daniel himself is fantastic as he always is but the best performance was Javier Bardem as the villain, He is one of the best villains in a Bond history, Very clever and frightening, The plot is a simple revenge story, The action is done well and was very good but there's not as much as you think though, The ending scenes were very good and not at all what I thought they would be like, The opening scene was brilliant, 2 hours 25 minutes goes at a reasonable pace but if i'm honest I didn't want it to end, It brings some old characters back that will feature in future Bonds, I just hope they don't spoil it with too much silliness and stupid gadgets from the old films now some familiar characters are back, My favorite film of the year, Very entertaining from start to finish, Even the theme song is brilliant I can't pick a fault at all, A must watch film, I hope Daniel does as many as he can he was born to play Bond.