Jeremy Jones' Higher

Jeremy Jones' Higher

Backcountry snowboarder Jeremy Jones will leave tracks on signature lines in the close-to-home playgrounds he's made his own in Jackson Hole and Lake Tahoe, while also making history with ...

Backcountry snowboarder Jeremy Jones will leave tracks on signature lines in the close-to-home playgrounds he's made his own in Jackson Hole and Lake Tahoe, while also making history with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex S (gb) wrote: Kim Ji-woon's segment is very good. The other two need some work.

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F B (ru) wrote: Total garbage. Not one I would ever want to have to sit through again.

Aida M (us) wrote: Great movie touching, realistic. Newcomer Harmony Santana was amazin.

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Nathan N (es) wrote: I watched "Albino Farm" for two reasons: becasue I was at work and because it boasts the one and only Chris Jericho as its lead. Unfortunatly, I can't suggest this be watched for any other reason than to maybe ward off boredom. Maybe. It certainly isn't good but it isn't awful either. Also, and most unfortunaly of all, there isn't much Jericho to be seen. He shows up, has charisma and makes you wish he WAS the lead. There is no reason to see this movie.

Ali K (ru) wrote: Not really sure if it wasn't that enjoyable or it's just me and my conviction that Audrey Tautou is lame and anything she's in is likewise.

Tim H (kr) wrote: EPIC!!! Love how they followed the process of building this team with players who became "One Team" for USA. I just wish they showed some flashbacks on Coach Brooks from his 1960 Olympic team experience, & how that tuned into his motivation during his coaching years.

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