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Private U (ag) wrote: Great movie. I saw it in spanish with english titles in an international flight. Great story, great message. I fully recommended it.

Paul D (nl) wrote: This was an interesting film. Samuel L. Jackson, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Michael Sheen all give amazing performances! What it lacks in spectacle, it makes up for with giving the audience a reason to evaluate what their stance really is on torturing terrorists. It's a small film, but I thought it was pretty good!

Bradley M (es) wrote: It was also made into an off Broadway play. Now in Chicago. Wish I could see it.

The Great Alli Baba (es) wrote: this movie is amazing at least i think it is i own it:)

Mery M (br) wrote: I never thought Tom Sturridge can play as a psycho... Gosh, i really scare at him in this movie... but still cute tho ;D

Jo Y (kr) wrote: This is a very funny movie. He is a really good actor. If you need some laughter in your life, you should see this one.

Charles P (mx) wrote: Director Bob Fosse has fashioned a stunning, thoughtful song-and-dance spectacle about the realization of his own mortality, channeled through Roy Schneider in the performance of a lifetime.

marj d (au) wrote: Really very heartwarming, you would love beni, its one of those movies that makes you smile and realize that one can create a wonderful world . . .

Roman R (it) wrote: Esta es una cinta de explotacion. Con ello nos referimos a historias sensacionalistas con violencia extrema y sexo explcito. "Thriller: A Cruel Picture" no empieza mal, con un escenario de abuso y traumas y el secuestro de una joven muda obligada a convertirse en prostituta. Este primer acto promete un climax brutal con la joven iniciando una venganza contra su secuestrador y clientela. Desafortunadamente "Thriller: A Cruel Picture" decepciona con su desenlace, abusando de asesinatos risibles en slow-mo y montages repetitivos. He aqui una cinta simplista que se conforma con los elementos mas basicos del genero.

Daniel K (it) wrote: 3: Surprisingly deep and socially conscious picture. It's always kind of funny to see Bogart pictures before he switched over to the movie star A-list. He certainly works as a bad guy, but he plays better as a fully-fledged star. It just seems incredible that it took Hollywood so long to see him for what he was. Raft gives a solid performance as well as the lead. He manages to make us very sympathetic to his plight and thereby to the plight of all ex-cons that just want a second chance.

Suanne T (nl) wrote: The songs are definitely catchy; the story - not so much.

James M (fr) wrote: Bad plot, bad acting and just a bad film in general.

Drew S (ag) wrote: D.W. Fucking Griffith. This idiot. An ass-backwards racist and, here, an attempted champion of women's rights who ends up being even more sexist than possibly imaginable. This and Birth of a Nation are the maddening products of an innovator who just doesn't know what the hell he's writing about. This, obviously, is not quite the technical spectacle that Birth of a Nation was, but it's a very ambitious (if completely failed) precursor to the cinematic melodrama. It's probably only notable now for the scene where Lillian Gish floats down a river. So yeah, if you want to throw two and a half hours of your life to the wind for that kind of excitement, be my guest. Just know what you're getting into - a tale of woman's suffering where she is completely and totally inactive, a maddeningly passive prisoner to her own cruel fate.

Butt H (fr) wrote: It was ok, sorta had a 'Rear Window' kinda thing going.

Hasib H (br) wrote: wonderfully written & directed.