Jerry Cotton

Jerry Cotton

Jerry Cotton is the best agent of the FBI and suspected of murder. So he has to find the real killers from gangster boss Serrano.

Jerry Cotton ist eine Agenten-Legende - nicht nur wegen seiner tödlichen Smith & Wesson und seinem roten Flitzer. Er hat nur einen einzigen Fall nicht gelöst. Ausgerechnet bei diesem soll ihn nun ein Greenhorn als neuer Partner unterstützen. Phil ist nicht nur eine nervende Quasselstrippe, sondern hält sich auch für einen großen Verwandlungskünstler. Und von der harten Praxis hat er auch kaum Ahnung, im Gegensatz zum schweigsamen Haudegen Jerry. Das unvereinbar scheinende Team muss sich zusammenraufen, wenn es punkten will. ( . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Katie M (nl) wrote: Expecting this to be guilty pleasure trash but surprisingly it was quite moving! Definitely some mummy, knowing belly laughs.

Brad W (nl) wrote: OK. Good to see him back though!

Jarrett M (us) wrote: While this movie certainly seemed to be interesting from the synopsis, it really is a by the numbers horror/thriller. It does nothing new or different for the genre, but never succumbs to the level of stupidity that many indie horror films do. The performances are competant, but not great. It is somewhat interesting seeing Oded Fehr playing an unlikeable ass in this film. I must admit, I really did like the idea of the film, especially the creature of the film, but the story is flawed. I would have prefered that they kept the true identity of the creature hidden for longer, as the characters figure out very early on what it is that they're dealing with. That being said, the story does move along at a sufficient pace, never really dragging, but not moving too fast either. Given the premise of how it hunts, it seems unlikely that anyone could really fall prey to monster. And there in is the biggest contribution the audience must make when veiwing, suspension or belief, and sometimes, logic. If you enjoy this type of movie and are able to buy what the film is selling, you will probably be able to enjoy the movie for what it is. If you find yourself unable to easily buy into some pretty out-there ideas, it's probably best to pass on this one.

Alfredo S (mx) wrote: The movie that ended the slow death of the Garfield franchise and killed it instantly

Orlok N (gb) wrote: A decent WWII movie.

John P (us) wrote: First off, Tom and Jerry talk in this for the first time and second, they become friends... MY CHILDHOOD IS RUINED!!!

Matt P (fr) wrote: Snoop dogg trying to act *PUKE*

Tom K (us) wrote: Great show from Anzac Wallace as the avenging warrior and a really interesting look into the competing interests involved in the Land Wars. The film feels rather like a thoughtful Hollywood western from Eastwood or Ralph Nelson.

Private U (ca) wrote: Good story, powerful acting...but a little overdramatic

John B (it) wrote: A very cool Capra film that has the usual questioning of the purpose of life with good heartwarming moments. I don't even want to speculate on what the Adam Sandler remake provides. Gary Cooper in one of the few performances in which he is not annoying.

JJ M (ag) wrote: Biast a little here since It was filmed in the part of Ireland I grew up in and I know some of the actors too. But still, Loach delivers a powerful piece that typically deals with the oppressed and the working class. The discovery of the story, about a man who returns to his homeland from America in the 1920s, not long after Ireland has become a free state and causes a sensation with the authoritarians of the day, the church and the police, by opening a hall for all patrons to come along and sample culture from around the world, is extremely comendable since the story was covered up for so long by the Irish government. As Loach does so marvellously, he allows our blood to boil but in poignant moments too, he makes us laugh and cry by presenting people to us in their vulnerable, unpretentious realities

Anna H (ag) wrote: Great in some parts, but too British in some...

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