Jerry Springer: The Opera

Jerry Springer: The Opera

'Jerry Springer-The Opera' tells the story of a day in the job of world famous talk-show host, Jerry Springer. Jerry has to sort out a number of guests problems; including a man who wants to dress up as a baby, a man with 3 lovers (one of them a transexual) and a fat woman who wants to be a pole dancer. However, on this particular day, something out of the ordinary will happen...

A TV presentation of the successful London stage show. A fully operatic production very loosely based on the 'Jerry Springer' TV show. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natalie M (us) wrote: Ginger Baker. What a fascinating dude.

Greg W (gb) wrote: a delightful lil indie comedy i really enjoyed this it was a 3 yuck movie also it was nice to see the actress from one of my all time indie faves' i 've heard the mermaids singing" as the mom in this.

Irena A (de) wrote: super bad and hilarious, surprisingly great soundtrack, learned some useful Swedish words

Elliott F (ag) wrote: Under the direction of Marco Bellocchio comes Vincere, a grandiose, operatic tale of the secret aspect of the life of Benito Mussolini. Mussolini had a secret lover, Ida Dalser, who bore him a child. Ida fell madly in love with Mussolini, and, naturally, supported him in all of his political endeavors, even if she had literally no opinion on them. But one day, Ida catches Mussolini talking with his wife and young daughter, and she realizes, devastated, that she is Mussolini's mistress. Scorned, Ida begins claiming that her child, Benito Albino Mussolini, is his son, and, as a result, she is placed in a madhouse. As she begins devolving into the depths of mental illness, Ida becomes a tragic figure of the political unrest of Italy during the early 20th century. The screenplay is very good, and comes to life beautifully under Bellocchio's direction. The cinematography is stark and gorgeous, and the score makes moments of the film soar, but the real tour-de-force here is the central performance of Giovanna Mezzogiorno as Ida Dalser. Throughout this film, I was shocked by how much Mezzogiorno reminded me of Marion Cotillard, the French actress. The two have similar appearances, are about the same age (a quick look at Wikipedia tells me that Mezzogiorno is about a year older than Cotillard), and can both devastate the viewer with just a look from their eyes. Mezzogiorno's performance is one of cinema's towering achievements from 2009, and deserves a spot on every Best Actress lineup. Overall, this is a very solid, enjoyable film, but the big selling point is Mezzogiorno's brilliant performance.

Bill M (de) wrote: I liked the theme of understanding cause and effect and refraining from continuing the cycle of negativity.

Jay B (kr) wrote: This long forgotten gem is one of my favorite Foxx comedies. I wish more people had seen it.

Amy C (au) wrote: I loved it. Very good movie

Augustine H (mx) wrote: This biopic is perfect in most ways, except for demonizing Muhammad Ali Jinnah a bit. But remember, there is only one Gandhi, whose achievements can never be copied under any other historical and cultural contexts.

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