Jersey Shore Massacre

Jersey Shore Massacre

A typical weekend down the shore takes a bizarre turn as six girls and five obnoxious fist-pumpers become the unsuspecting targets of a deranged killer.

When Teresa and 5 other girls leave their New Jersey salon for a typical weekend of sun and sin down the shore the situation takes a bizarre turn leading them and five obnoxious fist-pumpers into the mysterious Pine Barrens to become the unsuspecting targets of a deranged killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Megan B (au) wrote: COMPLETELY not P'GeSIS appropriate, but Ian let us watch it for our second to last Friday Night Film anyway. Oh dear...

John R (fr) wrote: Last Viewed: 18/11/2009

Wesley W (br) wrote: I watched this in my child development class and I wish my teacher would have picked a better film that is like this to watch, like Knocked Up or Junior, but there are moments in this that keep it from being completely terrible.

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