Jess Franco's Passion

Jess Franco's Passion

A pair of lesbian lovers they live through an intense sexual romance where they submit to the most torrid fantasies. While a neighbor who has broken recently with his girlfriend observes them from her window.

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Jerrica B (gb) wrote: I envy the people that made this documentary because I would have loved to have been apart of it! I found it fascinating to get to the root of these urban legends, every urban legend had a crazy background story & you can see how the stories got exaggerated over time. My only knock is that the film makers would go to the crime scenes or the lovers lane, and cemeteries at night, so as a viewer you can't see shit!! I've done my share of legend tripping, so seeing a documentary about it, I was totally thrilled

Jonathan D (ru) wrote: An accident reveals a man's illness that requires him get a bone marrow transplant. This sets him on a course to discover his dark past. A second narrative weaves a story, set at the time of the Spanish Civil War, of children who feel no pain and are institutionalized to teach them how to deal with physical suffering. Moving from present day to the past and back again, the story unfolds from two perspectives with a nexus that attempts to tie them together. Although an interesting take, the narrative is thin on empathy and resorts to having to suspend your disbelief a bit much. It could have been better.

Wes S (br) wrote: Overall it's a touching, drought-out film with the death of Superman. There is a lot that happens in the film, which makes the plot confusing and messy, and yet the script feels well written by the end of the film. There are plenty of action scenes, romantic moments, and fun bits. The ending is emotional and well played. It's a film about the last days of Superman's life, and in the end, it all works well as a film.

AZ D (fr) wrote: A movie to be seen only as a companion piece to the PS2 game YAKUZA. Unless you've played the game, you'll be lost and not understand what's going on. Full of lively characters out of a Manga and over the top action sequences a'la Miike, it still is confusing to follow even when you're a fan of the game. Overall, a good fun violent flick true to the game but with plot holes that leave you stranded.

David F (de) wrote: Necessarily more or less plotless because of the non-fictional, biographical nature of the film, this is still a good movie, made so mostly by the excellent performances of Sienna Miller as Edie Sedgwick, a 1960s New York icon who modelled, acted, and used a lot of drugs, and Guy Pearce as Andy Warhol, the artist and filmmaker who featured Sedgwick in a lot of his films. It's a fun portrait of the time and the people and Pearce's impersonation of Warhol is both uncanny mimicry and a well thought-out statement about what Warhol was all about.

Gary D (kr) wrote: When I say this film is adorable, don't take that to mean that the writing is saccharine or thematically safe. Good Bye Lenin takes the chaotic politics of Soviet Germany and focuses on how they affect ordinary people. From this premise, Goodbye Lenin articulates the fears of the old and the energy of a younger generation hungry for more than they have at home. A boy, happy for his newfound freedom, is concerned for the well-being of his bedridden mother. Fearful she might die if she finds out Communism has left East Germany, he goes to great lengths to ensure she doesn't find out. Drama and tension ensue. Watch this film.

Sylvester K (fr) wrote: Nearly a masterpiece, it's so wickedly funny I just can't help myself but laugh all the way through. It's low budget yet surprisingly fresh and original. The characters were interestingly enough to keep me going, the acting was great too, very realistic. I really enjoy the tv show-like editing and narration.

Antwan J J (au) wrote: who ya wit lol nest house party movie yet

Kathryn M (es) wrote: Capoeira in action. Beautiful.

Tee D (it) wrote: Great movie, Great cast, RIP Pac

Mark D (fr) wrote: Nostalgic and entertaining. Its been a while since ive seen it, but you can read naughtiness in there. And the drug fuelled farting 'trip' is just wrong. But all jokes aside, very decent adaptation of a Roald Dahl classic.

Frances H (it) wrote: So bad and farfetched, that it's funny! It's as if Stephen King took a wrong turn and came out cornier than my Dad's old jokes. It needs to take lessons from Fallen with Denzel and John Goodman, which had a similar plot, but used it to chilling effect.

Kyrianna D (au) wrote: It's a fun movie. I don't take movies too seriously so I feel like I enjoy them more then most people. The actor's are likable. The music is great. Always will be a favorite.

Simon D (it) wrote: What an intriguing film. I Werner Herzog likes to keep it real wherever possible and I wouldn't be surprised if Stroszek is a real person. His character name seems to be the same as his real name and, judging from the number of times he glanced into the camera, he's not the best actor in the world but he is a unique, scruffy, bizarre geezer with problems. He also comes across as a fairly decent bloke. The story is about escaping Berlin and his personal obstructions to America with a prostitute who he is helping to escape her situation too. I won't spoil the story but gotta say that it's well worth the watch as it is different.

Emily O (de) wrote: I liked this more than the first in the Harry Palmer series. Slow at times, the endings are definitely worth watching these.

pete 1 (br) wrote: ok family sci-fi film,interesting story/plot and characters but the special effects do look very dated though

Jodylove A (it) wrote: ALL TIME FAVORITE <3 <3 <3

Cody M (es) wrote: An underrated, beautiful animated film that has more show, then tell in its story.

Andres N (au) wrote: this movie is a waste of time , has no direction, everything was fixedforced. poorly executed.

Phil L (es) wrote: Charles Bronson kicked your ass