Jesse James

Jesse James

After railroad agents forcibly evict the James family from their family farm, Jesse and Frank turn to banditry for revenge.

After railroad agents forcibly evict the James family from their family farm, Jesse and Frank turn to banditry for revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon S (mx) wrote: Well, I thought the formula for these flicks was far past played out. This installment proves to be rather entertaining. Although the plot and acting are still par for the course, there were a few twists which actually managed to keep the premise semi-fresh. Overall, it might even be the best in the series, although I'd rather not swear to it.

Greg W (gb) wrote: well crafted spy vs spy period film a bit slow but the amazing cast makes up for that flaw even the minor parts r filled by talented actors of today.

A Z (fr) wrote: Disappointing. Couple laughs, mostly boring. Horlsey was at least likable.

Kelly S (nl) wrote: This was a good movie. Nick and Trevor are a great team.

Elex M (jp) wrote: really corny yet funny its very reminiscent of a "usa up all night" movie

Steve H (de) wrote: This is a good thrille! I love this movie.

Luis M (nl) wrote: Sin duda alguna, esta es una de mis peliculas preferidas. Lejos de aparecer como una obra maestra es una historia que vale la pena ser vista por el excelente protagonista con que cuenta. Una historia de amor que desde mi punto de vista considera el amor como una motivacion extra para vivir y continuar en esta vida cuando se ha perdido la brujula.Buen reparto y un desarrollo muy original...

laurel (br) wrote: A great story...i really love this movie

Jay W (de) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. Bokeem is a great versatile actor.

Per Gunnar J (it) wrote: This is really a Tarantino wannabe movie. They got Tarantino to endorse it by putting his name on the cover so I guess he must have felt it was good enough, or maybe it(TM)s just because the writer and director, Roger Avary, and Tarantino was working together in the early days, but I wasn(TM)t overly impressed. The beginning isn(TM)t too bad. There a scene at the beginning where the rather naive Zed is getting it on with a hooker (Zoe) and scenes from the still running TV in the room are intermixed with the scenes of the movie to a rather funny effect. However, from there on it goes somewhat downhill.The gang goes on a party spree, getting completely stoned on all kind of substances the day before they(TM)re going to rob a bank. Yeah, a very probable thing to do, not to mention intelligentnot! This parts also drags out forever into various attempts to make psychedelic drug-influenced scenes.The bank robbery itself of course turns into a murderous carnage a(TM) la Tarantino but it really lacks his touch. It(TM)s more a bunch of screaming crazy French guys shooting someone, including themselves, every now and then. The attempt to make a slow-motion shooting scene at the end just becomes silly when the French police slams a thousand rounds into the main bad guy after everyone realized that he stands 4 meters in front of them with an empty shotgun.If Avary tried to make a Tarantino-like movie with his own style in it he probably succeeded. Unfortunately he didn(TM)t succeed in convincing me that this was as good as one written by Tarantino himself.

Alysha F (mx) wrote: The worst horror film I have ever seen. So cheesy, plot made no sense whatsoever. Music choices completely inappropriate for the content of the scene. Would only recommend if you want a good laugh; the advertising poster for this movie is more scary than the film itself. It's a shame as the film has a really good premise and could therefore have had real potential if the story had been better thought through.

Michael P (fr) wrote: 2 1/2 for the creepy imagery alone. no real story to speak of though. pretty basic as far as plot goes

David S (jp) wrote: At times lovely, tender, and touching, and the conceit of recreating one's most important memory to have for eternity is quite lovely. I couldn't get completely behind the movie, however, due to some nagging technical questions (e.g., what happens to younger kids?; how do they get all this stuff done?; what happened before film?).