The film is notable for presenting a more human Jesus, compared to more solemn portrayals in earlier films; here Jesus laughs and cries like anyone else. Among other things, he weeps at Joseph’s funeral, throws stones in Lake Galilee when meeting Simon Peter and James son of Zebedee for the first time, dances at the wedding at Cana, and starts a water-splashing fight with his disciples as well. Satan is portrayed as a man in modern dress (and as a woman in red). During his temptation of Jesus, he shows him the Earth from the vantage point of space. Satan also shows Jesus images of wars and destruction carried out in his name. The film adds an apocryphal Roman historian named “Livio” who watches and comments as events unfold; he is presumably named after Livy.

A movie about the life, work and death of Jesus as we know it from the Bible. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos D (ca) wrote: this movie is delightful! beatles fan will love it for sure.

Pan C (de) wrote: Less subtle even than part 1, and not as good a movie, but still enjoyable and decent in its own right. The song that comes with it really brings the parody home. Plus it's got new types of bugs, so if for nothing else you could still see it for that...

shawna s (us) wrote: Sally Field does an amazing part in this movie. She plays a woman who lives alone in a New York apartment, and suffers with multiple personality disorder. She has constant flashbacks of her painful childhood where her mother abused her. She meets a boy that trys to understand her and work with her psychiatrist to help her understand her disorder. I would recommend this movie to anyone, you wont be sorry you watched it!

Melanie F (it) wrote: After 20 minutes, I said why am I wasting my time and stopped.

Michael S Y (ru) wrote: A masterpiece. Touching and seriously intense. Perfect though.

Ryan H (mx) wrote: It's clear that Jabberwocky was the beginning of Terry Gilliam trying to find himself away from Monty Python. Perhaps if I watched this again knowing what it would be I might like it better. But as of now, this is by far my least favorite. I feel like it's too scattered. I wanted to follow Dennis Cooper more. He's such an unfortunate fellow. He just wants the simple life and to be with the fat woman he loves, but he doesn't realize the world doesn't work the way it does in his head. Instead of following him we cut back and forth between his story and the town itself trying to deal with the deaths caused by the Jabberwocky. The old king tries to figure out how to cope with it. Dennis just happens to find himself in the middle of this story. Nothing really grabbed me, though. At the same time, there's nothing really bad in it either. The jokes work for the most part. Just the disconnect made it difficult for me to watch. I feel like Gilliam really began to find his heart and soul within Time Bandits.

Rick V (jp) wrote: One of the most effectively disturbing satan worshipper flicks I have seen. The characters are off center and increasingly spooky as the story progresses. I saw this when I was a teenager and I introduced my daughter to it when she became a teenager. She flinches when I just mention the movie title. The impeccable eery finish is perfect.

Alejandro E (fr) wrote: Fine view;Liz Taylor zenith.

Tyler A (au) wrote: 50 Stop snitching stop lying. 50s acting skills are still subpar although he's a convincing rat cop. good story

Samantha H (us) wrote: such an intense movie... i could watch it a thousand rimes over and still be like this is messed up!! a must see id say

Alex W (es) wrote: goldie hawn putting out a supportingly good performance, shes more then just a pretty face it seems. This is a pretty solid enjoyable film, very 70's.

John B (kr) wrote: really enjoyed this movie and the message it brought along with great music