Jeszcze raz

Jeszcze raz


This romantic comedy is about a mother and daughter and their entertaining adventures in love. The mother, Anna, is an energetic and attractive 40-year-old with a great sense of humor, a great sense of fashion, and an easy going personality. Her 19-year-old daughter Kasia, on the other hand, is an atypical teenager who is serious, shutters at the thoughts of parties or boys. Instead, she focuses on eating healthy, practicing yoga, and having a practical approach to life. What will happen when two eligible bachelors, Michal and Pawel, encounter these two lovely ladies? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Allison K (ru) wrote: Here's a film by a first time director I can get behind. It helps that he had the likes of Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn leading his film (with solid support from Elizabeth Banks and Adam Scott). Not perfect in the way that Sarah Polley's similarly themed Away from Her is, but a small touching film done well.

Allyson B (nl) wrote: Incredibly, awkwardly painful to watch. Maybe I don't "get" Albert Brooks' style of comedy. Or maybe it wasn't funny.

James R (nl) wrote: Really no point to this movie to be honest. It's ashame too because Forest Whitaker does a phenomenal job in this role. The whole movie just made me feel like what a waste of my time watching this. No point to it. No lesson learned. No wow ending. No nothing it fails miserably.

Diganta B (es) wrote: Weird making with too many skins, but honest and worthy enough. This film wasn(TM)t too securely conceptualized or over-easy, rather an elaborated way to show individual correlations present the intensity and affluence, to resound with each other. The visual and sonic loveliness of this movie is so appealing, and charismatic presentations of major personalities are in grand sustain to make this film victorious.

Stephen M (fr) wrote: An admirable attempt at a matter-of-fact portrait of a crazed serial killer. The trouble is, the very things which make the movie initially arresting, i.e. the non-linear structure and the lack of dramatic punctuation, make it mundane, repetitive and boring in the long term. The most interesting aspect, I found, was not the killer or his relationship with his schoolgirl lover, but the police man-hunt. A noble failure.

Rod A (mx) wrote: I don't understand why this movie gets such negative reviews. It is straight up HAUNTING about the deception and betrayal of others. It just knows its angle.

Catherine N (us) wrote: Strange...great cast. TBC

Jamie C (es) wrote: Stallone changes the pace from his all out action films and tries something different, The plot is nothing new with crooked cops killing each other off but has a few twists, Stallone puts in his best acting performance of the 90's And gained allot of weight to play this role, His performance in this film isn't recognised enough, Don't watch if you're expecting an action packed film, It has a great story and some good acting and was very gripping.

Nick T (de) wrote: If there was one director who was WAY ahead of his time - at least in terms of the films I've seen of his (3 - Red Angel, Manji, and this...) it is Yasuzo Masumura. Amazing this was made in the 60's. (SPOILER WARNING) My take is the model is not actually blind at the end - but goes insane. Compelling flick about sex addiction, and ummm "extremes" - ending is shocking. This film will stay with you - surreal, jarring.

Larry Y (de) wrote: Maybe its better in it's original serial format (and a better print). The Scorpion really should've been called "The Lobster".

DoriLee B (au) wrote: this was a awesome movie! great action pack!