Jet Stream

Jet Stream


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Jet Stream torrent reviews

Blake D (br) wrote: A well made documentary, but I disagreed with just about every point the movie made. How is delaying the Republican Convention changing the world??? And you're not an activist you're a hippy

Dave P (br) wrote: More Aussie cinema for my cultural immersion program. This one reveals Aussie's talent for obscure sports and music trivia (like, Who was AC/DC's first singer? Knowing these things helps you win trays full of raw meat at the pub on trivia night.) and a truth about Australia (and the rest of the world?): the women are the ones with the brains and compassion and the guys are idiots who need help getting out of their own way.

Cyrille L (ru) wrote: Un beau portrait de jeunes gens tentant de l'etre dans un Beyrouth qui se dechire. Tres touchant et bien realise par Ziad Doueiri, qui ne vire jamais au pathos et reste jeune, leger en depit du contexte :)Also I liked HamadAlhomai & RamiMajzoub comments.

David S (it) wrote: Takes a hard look at the motivations of the government and its actions during the siege at Waco. It improves as it progresses and showcases what certainly seem to be a lack of preparation and outright lies about the tactics. Its shortcoming is that it's too one-sided, presenting the Davidians as innocents and close to saintly.

Jason D (us) wrote: I, Madman comes off as a slight Nightmare on Elm Street rip-off about a book salesman, Virginia (Near Dark's Jenny Wright) who loves herself some pulp horror novels. Her latest author is Malcolm Brand, an unstable madman who cut all most of his facial features (hair, nose, lips, ears) to gain the love of someone. In fact, as Virginia gets deeper and deeper into her story, Malcolm Brand's fleshed out character, Dr. Kessler starts to become very real as he comes out of the book to kill all of Virginia's accquiantances, taking a piece of their face and making it his own along the way. Naturally, the police, including her detective boyfriend, all think Virginia is the loony one, so its up to her to try and stop the killer. The standard slasher story isn't really anything new, but its certainly an interesting watch. I can see how this Tibor Takacs (The Gate 1 & 2) directed film caught a small cult-classic status for its look and feel amidst a bevy of 80's horror films. The gore effects are somewhat engaging, but the inclusion of the stop-motion monster (a deadpan lookalike or rather leftovers from Takacs Gate movies, which he shot just before and after I. Madman) is both silly and outdated. Still, the film was nominally entertaining. Not bad.

Ted W (ca) wrote: Worst superman movie of all time even though I hate Henry Cavill as superman this movie just flat out sucks and terrible. It's pretty much the same movie, the first one but with the same terrible effects but this time star wars has come out, the first one and that had the best effects at the time. This movie has the worst effects of all time for a superman movie. This is pretty much a remake of the first movie but with the same people but lex luthor breaks out of jail but wait that happened in this movie. Fine the only thing is that superman is into politics and theirs a new hot girl but wait a minute their was one in the last movie Lana. Fudge this movie, it sucks because it's the same superman movie over and over again.

Mykel N (fr) wrote: Not anywhere near the perfection that was the original.