Jew Suss: Rise and Fall

Jew Suss: Rise and Fall

This intricate historical drama tells the story of actor Ferdinand Marian (Tobias Moretti), who is ordered by Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels to star in the 1940 anti-Semitic film Jew Suss. Despite his cooperation, Ferdinand's actions have unexpected costs. Ferdinand's Jewish wife, Anna (Martina Gedeck), is sent to a concentration camp, and as World War II intensifies, he rebels against the Nazis, leading to the destruction of his career.

Rise and fall of actor Ferdinand Marian, who takes the chance and stars in the anti-semitic movie Jud Süß (1940). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian H (ca) wrote: I watch lots of bad movies, and this was the one I had to turn off before I finished. It really has a chance at being the worst piece of garbage ever filmed.

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Spencer S (it) wrote: A remake of the classic 1940 romantic comedy called "My Favorite Wife," this send up does some good, wacky, sixties style things that are classic in their own way, but doesn't do justice to the original. The reason this was doomed from the beginning is simply because the original didn't need a modern setting, any new set of circumstances, or stars of the time. It's a classic film, the same as the dramas that seem outspokenly protected by time. This was supposed to be a comeback for fallen star Marilyn Monroe, and became the infamous final film "Something's Gotta Give" before being retooled and given a completely different cast. Though I'm sure Monroe would have brought her charm to the role, it doesn't seem specific enough for her, or Dean Martin, who was also cast at the time. What you get instead is new cast members James Garner and Doris Day. While Garner is a perfect match for counterpart Cary Grant in style and substance, Day brings a level of goody two shoes, virginal glee to the mix that though unintentional, is counterproductive. Irene Dunne (from the 1940 version) could always match Grant's witticisms, which were throughout the film. The humor here is much keener than the original, not happy to take risks with changing characters or dialogue, so they put Day in continuously cutesy situations, from storming off with a blush in her cheek, to riding through a car wash completely dressed with the top down on her convertible. There's nothing as sneaky as, say, The Parent Trap, and nothing as smart as a Cary Grant comedy from the forties. It's not lazy, but complacent to take the easy way out time and again. The only true gleaming ray of light is character actress Thelma Ritter, who is always superb. I would put in a good word for Day, though I find her presence almost too sweet to bear. If you're interested though there is a creepy scene with Don Knotts as a perverted shoe clerk, and a shot for shot remake of one particular scene from the original film. The 1940 version is just too solid to be remade, and therein lies this film's problem, enough said.

Wrik S (us) wrote: A sweet, feel-good movie about a small town, laden with people we all could identify with..

Matt D (ag) wrote: In terms of entertainment value I vastly prefer some of the more traditional storytelling in other Disney classics but it's impossible to deny the artistry on display here in 'Fantasia'. It's the kind of movie that can legitimately be shown on the wall like a piece of art or playing in the background for simple musical enjoyment, but when you put those two elements together it is a truly beautiful and daring piece of work for its time.

Richard D (es) wrote: This is not my favourite Chaplin film, but like all of his best work, I never tire of this film. Paulette Goddard is probably my favourite of all of his co-stars. She's positively radiant in this film. Although there's sound and some dialogue in this film (all the dialogue comes via machines), the comedy is still all silent, so this is effectively his last silent film.

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