Jezís je normální!

Jezís je normální!


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Jezís je normální! torrent reviews

Henri N (ru) wrote: a great documentary on an underrated director.

Gregory W (ag) wrote: not as bad as i thought it would be usually having denise richards in something is the kiss of death

Katja A (gb) wrote: Taas yksi nyttelij ryhtynyt indieohjaajaksi. Sinns ihan hyv aihe ja toteutus, mutta ei kovin omaperinen. Olinko havaitsevinani hieman WKW-vaikutteita... No en kuitenkaan ihan saanut jutusta kiinni, tarinat olivat vhn turhan irrallisia.

Bailey G (br) wrote: (A movie that I found out I thought it would be)Urban Legends: Final Cut is nothing more than just an amateur film crew trying to make a horror film for a quick buck. Lets face it the film does have Eva Mendes in it. That's great, but the rest of the cast is a whole bunch of people who I haven't even heard of, or have seen in other movies. Who the heck is Jennifer Morrison, Matthew Davis, Hart Bochner, Loretta Devine, Joey Lawrence & Anson Mount? Anyway the film starts out somewhere, then goes to crap. This is one that I can see why the critics gave it a 9% and the audience gave it a 20%. The acting can be compared to a whole bunch of high school students running around with film camera trying to make a real motion picture that epically fails. The direction was good, at least I could follow the story, although I found myself a little confused at the end. It's un-rate-able. When a movie is that bad and a film goer/audience member says this, throw this DVD (hopefully you didn't buy it)in the garbage. It's worth nothing. It's just something to bore you and make you feel like crap. Note: This is a movie that poorly tried to execute the Scream films, with the concept of a man in a mask and at the end you find out who it really is. This is no Scream film and if you do see the film, see it for free. I suggest these services: Netflix, Hulu Plus, Ultimate Video, or any site that you have to pay a monthly subscription to. All in all it sucked and it gets 0 stars.

DeadHead m (ru) wrote: a weird, sick movie.

Kiel C (nl) wrote: Untouchable Christmas classic. How is the user score so low? PUT THE COOKIE DOOOOWWWN!!!

Walter X (au) wrote: The only thing i remember about this film is the music, great visuals, and fantastic music.

nicholas k (nl) wrote: you gotta take this movie for what it is a gorey 80's brucecambell horror/action movie keep that in mind and you'll like this move. that being said it does drag on and if your not a fan of bad horror you'll find yourself hating the campiness of it but compared to other cambell films its pretty okay

Michael R (ru) wrote: Sweaty, sun-baked sex fantasy from sleaze-meister Jess Franco is surprisingly effective, less outlandish and more entertaining than most of his output, with a well-cast Ajita Wilson and the always stunning Lina Romay. Franco himself, however, delivers a flagrantly poor performance as a foreboding hotel clerk. Short running time helps.

Golia K (nl) wrote: "-But I've never flown before in my life, and it shows exactly what you can do, if you're a total psychotic"

Alek D (mx) wrote: Great movie! I have watched it a couple times!

Alex R (mx) wrote: An incredible insight to one of the great legends of the silver screen. Whatever you may have heard before about Marlon Brando will be side-swept by this film pretty soon after it's opening. It's obvious to me that for Director Steven Riley, this is a labor of love. Taking every short, interview, movie, ANY video footage we have of Brando and weaving a well told story out of never before heard audio tapes. There's also a unique look at Brando, completely digital doing some of Shakespeare's well known monologues. For me, Marlon's life speaks at great length about the human experience. I can't exactly decide why, but the pain that he felt and the confusion and loneliness he dealt with, all trying to do what's best. This film manages to sway anybody who thought he was a nut, consumed with himself. Funny thing is that it's a very convincing tale, walking through his life step-by-step with his narration; Marlon can't help but seduce you to seeing it his way. What he set out to do as a human being, helping others, on the front line for any group of individuals he felt was battered or beaten by an unjust authority. I suppose empathy was his biggest trait, and anger his go-to emotion being raised in an abusive home. It seems to me that Marlon had his heart on his sleeve his entire life, only dangling by a thin thread. To know the man a bit closer is a wonderful opportunity. No matter what, if you see the film Brando has done his job, what I think was his life's work- denying you of your ignorance. 5 stars.