JFK II: The Bush Connection

JFK II: The Bush Connection


The death of John F. Kennedy is viewed from yet another angle in this documentary that introduces George H.W. Bush as a key player in the assassination plot and cover-up. This is a recut and reissued version of 2003's JFK II: The Bush Connection. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Blair C (ag) wrote: Brought a smile to my grumpy face :)

James C (ag) wrote: Another cut and paste from the graphic novel, so it's good that the graphic novel was already great.

Lee (br) wrote: Two female Japanese flatmates, who happen to be competing for the same acting role and boyfriend, see their rivalry boil over into one hell of a cat-fight! Highly entertaining with dark humour and a bit of comical brutallity. The first 35 minutes introduces the characters and builds up the tension between them, then the rough stuff starts which begins with a bit of bitch-slapping then moves into no-holds-barred territory where chainsaws and samurai swords are preferred. Not as bloody as I was expecting it to be though, but still pretty violent. Really enjoyable, destined to be a cult favourite!

Matthew L (fr) wrote: Perhaps the only thing that appealed to me was the tokusatsu like feel...

Kelly K (it) wrote: A very charming and down-home film. Dolly Parton is basically her sweet, caring, lovable self. This is a movie that anyone who just wanted to prove to someone that they could do something, or prove to themselves that they can be someone can relate to. A must see, you will enjoy it.

Long L (au) wrote: This is the kind of movie that everyone has probably seen but most likely forgot. I watched it again recently, and could not remember if I've seen it before. Course, as certain scenes came up, "Oh Yeah!" popped into my head. It's a cute teen vampire movie that falls with the Once Bitten and Love Bites style. It was entertaining enough, but I'd suggest watching a vampire movie with more horror and less teen-comedy.

Adrian B (ag) wrote: Not the best film noir mystery I have seen, but it was an interesting story. One of my problems here is who played Philip Marlowe: Dick Powell. I kept comparing him to Humphrey Bogart playing the same character in the classic "The Big Sleep." I am afraid Bogart is better than Powell. If I had seen this film before "The Big Sleep," I probably would have enjoyed him and the movie. The dream sequences were interesting and they look like they may have been done by Salvador Dali. They reminded me Hitchcock's Spellbound and there was a doors within doors scene in both of these film.

Sunshine s (jp) wrote: A heroic young Chinese woman leads her fellow villagers in an uprising against Japanese invaders. The use of caucasian actors and actresses in oriental roles significantly detracts from the film's realism. Based on Pearl S. Buck's novel of 1942. Acad...

Jayakrishnan R (gb) wrote: 89%Watched this on 21/12/15Spielberg's film about the loss of Innocence is surprisingly not an antiwar film and it has a mature performance from Christian Bale in the leading role. The film is about a boy of British Origin born and raised on Shanghai who knows nothing about politics or patriotism and the only thing he respects is aviation and the pilots who fly the war planes despite whichever country they belong to. The film has one of the best aviation sequences shot for film after Top Gun I believe. The boy salutes the aviators even from Japan who imprisons him and he exhales in happiness seeing P51 fighters bomb the hell out of Japan, moreover he sees the beauty in Atomic Explosion. This is the better than Spielberg's hit films such as Close Encounters, ET, Jaws, Jurassic Park and the Indiana Jones series.