Jhankaar Beats

Jhankaar Beats

This movie was a tribute to R. D. Burman. Jhankaar Beats is a story about love, friendship and music. Two copywriter brothers have lost in pop music contest called Jhankaar Beats for the last two years. They take the help of an apprentice to compete in a music contest.

Two copywriter brothers and their apprentice compete in a music contest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ellena S (kr) wrote: quite gd robert buckley is hot

Wendy L (es) wrote: special effects were cheap!! like it was made in teh 70's...the beginning was somewhat entertaining but it only got worse

Bengel W (mx) wrote: A pseudo 20s or maybe 50s movie that cannot quite find its feet. The black and white photography and the jazzy music set the scenes well giving a film noir setting. Surreal is rather an understatement and the story does spin a lot so hang on tight and relax the mind or you will never know the story or the ending. Nibbles: Frosties and Milk.

Joe N (ca) wrote: Original idea, but for a comedy with an all star cast it wasn't really that funny. The wedding planners ended up being the stand out performers

Nolan M (fr) wrote: Director Uwe Boll now brings Bloodrayne to the screen to no great effect. Everything you would expect from a Boll film: bad acting, hollow story, non-stop rediculous action stunts, and gratuitous sex scenes.

Ravan Florentin P (ca) wrote: i remeber it as charming , and i do have a simpathy for blair :)

Davey M (fr) wrote: Delightful Hong Kong action-comedy-horror fun. Hopping vampires are awesome.

Matthew S (de) wrote: It was almost revolutionary that Louis Malle made a film staring two actors playing versions of themselves talking over dinner. What's really amazing is that this film remains interesting. Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory will be forever chatting in my mind. Simple and yet interestingly complex, this is not a film to be missed.

Dan P (it) wrote: This might be the most (unintentionally) hilarious movie I've ever watched.

g y (us) wrote: thrilling, especially the motel room scene

Gompers 1 (gb) wrote: I like the movie and I have the game

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