Jhing Chik Jhing

Jhing Chik Jhing

The film is set around the problem of agrarian debt and farmer suicides in Maharashtra. Mouli (Bharat Jadhav), a farmer who ekes out a living on a 2 acre farm is trying his best to support his family. He is in debt to the tune of Rs. 10,000 to the local money lender (Uday Sabnis). Mouli's wife Manda (Madhavi Juvekar) tries her best to sustain the family on the little that they have. Mouli and Manda's children Shyam (Chinmay Kambli) and Dipti (Aarti More) go to the local school - and both are bright children who have a lot to look forward to. Shyam wants to become 'someone' and Dipti has her first crush ! When it seems that all is lost - including the land - and suicide is the only option - Shyam decides that he is not going to die and tries his best to save the family. What he does and the alternative to suicide and debt free farming (the word used in the film is swawalambhi) is the crux of the film.

The story of a small boy living in rural India and his topsy-turvy adventures as he tries to save his family & the family farm from moneylenders. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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