Jhoota Kahin Ka

Jhoota Kahin Ka

The Rai family consists of four: father, mother, Shanti, and two sons, Ajay and Vijay. While traveling on a ship, they run into a severe storm, which leads to the ship capsizing, and the ...

The Rai family consists of four: father, mother, Shanti, and two sons, Ajay and Vijay. While traveling on a ship, they run into a severe storm, which leads to the ship capsizing, and the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James L (jp) wrote: I'm sorry Peter and Jesus....but this film does you no justice. It just didn't draw me into the experience, the way reading the text from the Holy Roman Catholic Bible or Douey Rheims Bible does. I sense it's inspiration was from the very inaccurate and incomplete King James Version of the bible. I also sense most of these actors have never stepped foot inside the Vatican Walls or Stood inside Saint Peters Basilica and have limited knowledge about Apostolic Succession and Transubstantiation and other very significant matters of early Church doctrine. This limited perspective is evident in most of the actors and as a result, the film lacks true divine inspiration.

Cody M (br) wrote: WoW! What a breath of fresh air. Least Among Saints is moving, simple yet remarkably well scripted. You get the feeling that "Anthony" played by Marty Papazian who also wrote this script, directed it and was the main star, served a tour or 2 over seas. But this is not the case. It seems as if this young man has really done his homework when relating to our countries war Vets. For a low budget film, Marty really captures those feelings of emptiness, apathy, and darkness in his character only a true Veteran could relate to, to bring it full circle with love and willingness to overcome his PTSD from war. The unimaginable battle with PTSD to the triumph of his love for his ex and his love for "Wade" played by rising star Tristan Leabu, captivate you and grab you by the throat at times. This is a film you should see while it is still in theaters. Thank you Marty Papazian.

Ian I (ag) wrote: Premium Rush is a great action thriller. It has a different kind of story and hero who uses great biking skills to his advantage. The non-linear storyline the film uses is also enjoyable. Joseph Gordon Levitt is great as usual as is Michael Shannon as a villain.

Tim R (gb) wrote: A new kind of superhero movie that's entertaining as ever!

Waleed A (us) wrote: good movie with a good story, great acting, and some intense scenes (about 2 viewings)

Ali G (mx) wrote: A sometimes funny drama, with a good performance by Evans.

Maria M (mx) wrote: Seen it when I was lil lol

Tyler A (au) wrote: just behind Boyz in da hood but str8 up classic G shit right here wake ur punk ass up

Mark D (fr) wrote: This is probably the worst Fulci film i have seen to date. Quite slow and in places rather annoying plus there is practically no character to empathise with.

Brett B (fr) wrote: Chaney and Atwill are excellent, the plot (basically a derivation of the Frankenstein mythos) is fun, and it moves at a quick pace, cramming in all kinds of sordid and pseudoscience-y elements into a 68 minute package. Not one of Universal's more well-known genre entries, but it gets the job done.

Ashleigh S (it) wrote: Stupid. I hated every minute of it. There was no plot and every single action was foolish and trite. When Lucille Ball finally doesn't look like a dope, everybody else does! The songs make no sense and the dance numbers are too full of people to be appreciated. I cringed whenever I heard another song and dance number. One of Rodgers and Hart's flops, if you ask me!

Rachel R (fr) wrote: I HATE OLD MOVIES!!!

Owen C (br) wrote: One of the best early Busby Berkley films (no offense to the awesome Mervyn LeRoy) this film is also a favorite of Scorsese who references it in New York, New York. This is sexy & violent in a pre-code kind of way ("Pettin' in the Park" ). My fav is "Remember My Forgotten Man" a classic & still contemporary lyric about remembering America's veterans who may now be going through hard times. Some amazing stunt work & camera affects. One of the best of the genre.

Sidharth S (jp) wrote: Most underrated movie I've ever seen. I usually hate teenage romance movies but this one is pure gold. Heart-warmingly entertaining & very well acted out, 10 Things I Hate About you might feel like your typical adoloscent comedy, but something.. Something elevates it something more than that.

Lain G (nl) wrote: No saca carcajadas pero es simpatica de ver.