Jhooth Bole Kauwa Kaate

Jhooth Bole Kauwa Kaate

Abhyankar (Amrish Puri) is an orthodox head of his family, a retired police officer, he has values which he wants his family to also uphold.

Abhyankar (Amrish Puri) is an orthodox head of his family, a retired police officer, he has values which he wants his family to also uphold. As a result of his values, his daughter is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joel H (nl) wrote: Mom's Night Out is actually a pretty cute movie. Maybe it's because I'm a parent, but I genuinely laughed at parts. I thought the acting was good, too, which is strange because usually movies like this are fairly cheesy. This movie is silly, but it's a fun family show that I would watch again.

Don T (gb) wrote: I feel for the kids in the movie because they have no role models. The parents in this are despicable. Poor does not dictate filth, laziness does. I grew up poor (food stamps, free school lunches, etc.) but we did not live in filth.

Priscille C (ca) wrote: Un trs bon film franais sur l'influence de l'amiti.

Robin P (mx) wrote: Another "mean girl" movie which very unfortunately is too close to the truth. A clique in school maliciously decides to snub one of their own members basically because of jealousy, envy and hatred. They make the girl's life so unbearable that she takes pills. The sad thing is, I know this sort of thing happens all the time :((

Rickey F (es) wrote: It feels as if Terrence Malick was outdone. There's no shot that wears out its welcome, and the movie instead uses these moments to seep implications in our mind. Instead of sticking with an ambiguous ending, the film gives a shot that leaves one with hope and a lingering suspicion that Kenji's life is in shambles still.

Timeen (us) wrote: I LOVE GIOVANNI RIBISI

Wesley W (us) wrote: i would say this is one of the good film michael bay made before the transformers sequles

Patti (br) wrote: A friend introduced me to this film, I loved it, and I introduced it to other friends and they loved it! It's a dark humor, not every one would like it, but it is a great one!

Dyron W (jp) wrote: Funny as Hell. Damon Wayans best film.

Justin A (it) wrote: For a Full Moon movie, it isn't too bad. It certainly doesn't reach the production values of Puppet Master, but those were completely different circumstances. And it's certainly better than some of the other crap (Seedpeople) Full Moon was releasing in the early 90s. It's a bit slow and not really the most unique vampire movie out there, but it's still pretty good. I didn't find anything too memorable except the villain Ragu. He looked pretty good, even if the cheap fingers were falling off at times. (I like calling him Ragu because then he reminds me of spaghetti)

Jon C (jp) wrote: this really is one of Sam Raimi's more crazier filmsthe man just loves hearkening back to his filmmaking origins particularly 'Evil Dead'he still has the classic styles from the crazy camera angles to the senseless violence and over-the-top comedyit still makes the viewing experience all the more funLiam Neeson acts a bit more professional in his early days, he's not as monotone or emotionlesshis character actually has a real struggle to get his appearance back and the woman he lovesand they make the scientific aspect pretty believable being that he's so desperate for it to excelskin regrowth is tricky particularly that he has to find a way to make it last past 90 min and out of the darkFrances McDormand does put in some effort than just going along for the ridethe villains are typical stock villains and the main antagonist's plan is so cookie-cutter it's like right out of a comic bookI think that's Raimi's intent though to make a superhero like this leap onto the screenthey also don't miss the chance to do the whole monster/man concept; Peyton wants to make a new face and skin to cover up his injuries but he does take notice that the real man inside him also begins to change and that's what he ends up being and learning to live withbeing able to live behind a new face or mask all the time would take a toll on anyonesomeone is everyone but no one at the same timeit's crazy, action-filled, silly, trippy, and quick

Private U (gb) wrote: Not sure if this is the 1987 (or 88?) Canadian horror film. If it isn't, ignore the rating.

Robert I (kr) wrote: Is it wrong for a guy like me to want to see a movie like this?

Andrew G (nl) wrote: Surprising that this was a Konrad Wolf film - it sticks to the melodrama formula - and that respect it is boring. But from a historical perspective this film is a gem of the former GDR.

Taylor N (au) wrote: This blew me away. My second favorite Allen movie besides Manhattan. It's a heavy drama though-not a comedy.

David T (ag) wrote: Probably the only zombie film to ever give me an honest-to-goodness case of the willies. surprisingly creepy and atmospheric for a 70's low budget romp. Highly recommended!

Qudsiyah M (de) wrote: well jus time pass! love the love angle between akshaye khanna n kareena.

Adlih C (kr) wrote: if you haven't seen this movie well you need to, this movie is the bomb!! funny as hell

Jake A (ag) wrote: Though it isn't all that original, has plenty of cliches, tends to drag and is never going to be as much of a classic as the book it is based on this film still has just enough going for it to be watchable. The cast is really good (all acting well), production wise it is solid, the action is well played out and the score is decent.