Jhootha Hi Sahi

Jhootha Hi Sahi

A suicidal woman's "final" call mistakenly connects her to a man who gives her something to live for.

A suicidal woman's "final" call mistakenly connects her to a man who gives her something to live for. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon W (au) wrote: I found this out from Kevin Smith and decide to check it out. The Dirties is a great representative of a person who gets bullied a lot to the point of doing something drastic. It's written great and the acting is really good. The humor in it is very funny. The ending was uneasy at first for me to watch, but in a good way, because something like this can happen in real life, heck, there's news about school shootings in the past. It's not perfect, but The Dirties is a great movie that schools should show to students as the affects of bullying, but they can't because it's rated R. I am looking forward to see more of Matt Johnson's movies.

Melanie D (kr) wrote: Interesting premise, and relatively well done... until the last 2 minutes. I mean really, did they just get bored and say "ok, it's time to end this shit, just do anything"?? 6/10

Barry P (nl) wrote: A fatherhood and morality tale apparently. Didn't quite knock me out with it though. Relatively original in parts, and before the twist it was compelling enough. After that point it feels a bit like that heavyweight fight after the fighters get tired and it becomes a stalemate. Alan Alda is a great curmudgeon anyway.

kyo 9 (es) wrote: Huh? Is there a story in this movie??

Aubrey B (de) wrote: Bad. Jason Schwartzman is too unbelievable as a drug addict and Brittany Murphy is too believable as a drug addict.

Gilda M (jp) wrote: I was always a fan of glam rock, but I watched it mainly for the fashion which was fabulous!

Alex A (fr) wrote: An incredibly in depth look, at police corruption and undercover work, Prince of the City benefit's heavily from strong ensemble performances, a exceptionally well crafted script and patient direction from Sidney Lumet which allows the film to be paced appropriately. It's definitely a hidden gem that I'm surprised hasn't been referenced allot in the annals of Crime Drama heavyweights , none the less it's a film I'm glad to have found.

Giuseppe P (ca) wrote: Grottesco, visionario, zeppo di simbolismo satirico. Geniale la scelta post-sceneggiatura di usare due attrici per lo stesso personaggio.

Aaron N (au) wrote: Arthur Simon Simpson: It's not a question of losing my nerve; I never *had* nerve! A fine heist flick from a man who is pretty much one of the masters of the genre. The film is fairly breezy, taking a plot that would now seem familiar and combining it with the fun of a team consisting of a number of types, all leading up to a great climax involving the heist itself.Professional jewel thief Elizabeth Lipp (Melina Mercouri) reunites with her former lover and partner Walter Harper (Maximilian Schell) for the score of her life - the theft of an exquisite jeweled dagger from the Topkapi museum in Istanbul, Turkey. Also involved is a small-time con-man, Arthur (Peter Ustinov) with passport problems, who gets mixed up with this gang of world-class jewelry thieves. Turkish intelligence, suspecting arms smuggling, become involved, and, under pressure, Arthur rises to heights he'd never dreamed of.The film was directed by Jules Dassin, a filmmaker known for making many noir films during his lifetime, including on of my favorites and a just a fantastic film all around - Rififi. That film was famous for, among other reasons, its fantastically filmed heist sequence. In this film, Dassin once again has a showcase heist sequence that is fantastically well filmed, managing to be plenty tense, wonderfully staged, and fulfilling of all the other requirements this sequence would need. It's also nice to note that not only did this film inspire the original Mission Impossible TV series, but the heist in this film clearly influenced the eventual movie remake.Before getting the the heist sequence, the rest of the film is pretty light and fun. Ustinov is basically our main guy, a man in over his head, working to try and keep his head above water, as he balances his activities with both the investigators and the thieves. The rest of the cast is clearly having fun, as they are all just playing the basic stock heist movie character types. Watching the familiar beats of the team assembling the various aspects of the heist is fine, but it's do to the tone of the film that it all works for the most part.Another great aspect of this film is it's setting. Being set in Turkey, the scenes where we are made very aware that they are on location are great to see. The heist itself takes place at a famous building, but other wide shots and a sequence involving the large scale wrestling matches are a nice site as well.Not as much a classic as other older heist films, this is still one that clearly helped in paving the way for future ones and it is still a solid watch.Maj. Ali Tufan: What made you suspect they are Russian spies?Arthur Simon Simpson: I deduced it, sir.Maj. Ali Tufan: From what?Arthur Simon Simpson: From the cook, sir.Maj. Ali Tufan: What did the cook say?Arthur Simon Simpson: That they were Russian spies.Maj. Ali Tufan: A clever deduction.

AJ S (br) wrote: In displaying successful sync-sound techniques and ground-breaking cinematography it is no wonder that Rouben Mamoulian??s craft and talent mesmerize from the beginning of ??Applause?? up to its end. The story is quite entertaining and told with this sure-handed direction in such a time when cinema was in an undemanding phase, making it easy for audiences to understand when, perhaps, they were not entirely ready for such advancements. Mamoulian??s script is not void of some unintentional laughs ?? which could be a combination of the actors?? and director??s inexperience ?? however this formality can surely be forgiven when confronting the time in which it was made, paired with the audio and visual beauty portrayed on screen. ??Applause?? certainly feels ahead of its time even when viewing it today. This is not only seen in its formal enjoyments, but also the tones it deals with throughout and in its conclusion. There is no upbeat ending here, showing that Mamoulian was a man with a vision and a message that could resonate with audiences in his time and the unforeseeable future.

KerryAnn H (de) wrote: It's like the book. Ending was actually better than the book. I think a better actress could have made it better though. Never did like Nicole Kidman.

Matt F (mx) wrote: Boasting an all star cast (if an underused Barbara Steele), superb sets, marvelous, psychedelic cinematography and a director with a deft hand who could actually bring all of these elements to bear, you would think that Crimson Altar would be a classic talked about in genre circles for decades. Unfortunately though it falls a bit short in the bargain.It manages to blend together the disparate ingredients of late 60's psychedelia, gothic romanticism and dark ages Satanism really rather well but it suffers from having a bit of a standardy supernatural whodunit premise and an anticlimactic finale.