Jhutha Sach

Jhutha Sach

After the passing away of his wife (Sunita), Vijay brings up his two children, Bhishan and Charudatta, who want him to re-marry, and go around selecting a mother. They pick on Alka, who is a stage singer, and lives alone as a paying guest. Vijay and Alka approve of each other, get married, and go for a honey-moon. On the way back Vijay drives too fast, has an accident, and is killed. Alka does not have the courage to tell the children, so she hires Vijay's look-alike, a dreaded bandit and killer, Tiger, who agrees to impersonate Vijay for 30 days, make the kids hate him, then leave forever - for a sum of 3 Lakh rupees. Things do go according to plan, and the children do start hating their dad. But on the 30th day, Alka receives a phone call that the children have been kidnapped and the kidnapper is demanding a sum of 25 Lakh rupees. Watch and find out who abducted the children, and whether or not Tiger had a hand in this.

After the passing away of his wife (Sunita), Vijay brings up his two children, Bhishan and Charudatta, who want him to re-marry, and go around selecting a mother. They pick on Alka, who is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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