Jian hua yan yu Jiang Nan

Jian hua yan yu Jiang Nan

Young master Cao Le chases his pregnant girlfriend away from the family castle. He does it in order to save her from vicious bandits who are going to murder his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyrell M (fr) wrote: Good not great humor but a touching adventure to discover yourself and purpose story.

Ana Cely R (kr) wrote: Excelente pelcula que trata el tema del discrimen. No el discrimen racial, como est tan trillado en otras peliculas. El corazn grande que tiene el personaje principal, el conflicto ante el prejuicio de la protagonista femenina y como el resto de los personajes tratan la situacin es fenomenal. RECOMENDADA al 100%.

Agnieska P (jp) wrote: The thing about friendship between women. Some situations-little unrealistic, but the point is ... there's nothing more than real friends.

Curt L (ca) wrote: Saw this with Gen. was decent.

Cale b (gb) wrote: Within my childhood I had a memory which stuck with me. Another normal day in school was changed when we went outside to see people making a movie. This was that movie. I had no clue who any of the actors were however it was an interesting day watching someone put someone else into a car and drive down the street about 30 times. The movie is crap... However it would feel wrong to give it a bad rating.

Tyler S (ag) wrote: I found this to be a pretty powerful movie. Some scenes were pretty shocking and hit home. It involves the true story about a year old boy who's brother owes money due to his drug habit. The people who he owes kidnapp his brother to make a statement. It's powerful because those involved are very young and you can't believe they get involved in kidnapping. Overall good powerful stuff here.

Angie T (mx) wrote: OMG this movie TOTALLY Freaked me out... But Liu Ye is SUCH a great actor!!! And his fobbiness was very helpful to get the story along~

Melissa R (au) wrote: The odd in people is beautiful.

Cassie H (ru) wrote: Adorable tween Cinderella romantic comedy (:

James T (es) wrote: The bidness faint wait to own that one a must see baby boy does his thing now mad max whoa

Hope F (br) wrote: I love the music and the choreography. This is truly a "must-see" movie!

Masi A (kr) wrote: I love this movie but the reason it loses half a star is because Terminator 1 is just so hard to top.

Justin G (jp) wrote: #2 countdown to 2000 ratings

Alyan H (nl) wrote: Probably one of the worst adapations of a stephen King novella!!

Nora D (mx) wrote: I don't know why everyone liked this movie. First of all, most zombie movies suck. Second, transfered by even a single drop of blood? Do I look that gullible? Horrible acting and horrible story.

Megan B (es) wrote: A good satire examining black stereotypes in movies and TV in the late 70's which some can still be relevent today. THe prooblem is the movie feels more like sketch comedy then a real film. THere are a lot of funny scenes but only loosely held together with what little plot it has. It's the film version of In Living Color with a little more respectability and substance.

David B (jp) wrote: Loved it.Daniel Craig has really cemented himself as Bond. It picked up from where Casino Royale left off and right from the get go, the action was fast paced. Plenty of screen time for Dame Judi too which adds to the excellent job Craig does.

Tibor B (mx) wrote: Hudson Hawk isn't the complete disaster critics at the time made out, but it is clearly an underdeveloped vanity project forced forward by Willis and producer Joel Silver. Fortunately all involved seem to be aware of the thin premise so the film is played as a complete tongue-in-cheek, anything goes caper. It drags for this reason, it's not as entertaining or funny as it wants to be, or needs to be to work and there's next to no story. Michael Lehmann does his best to keep the film moving and the production values are quite good, there's clearly some money onscreen. Willis just smirks his way through as usual, James Coburn shows up for some reason, whilst unfortunately so do Richard E Grant and Sandra Bernhard as a hugely irritating crime duo.