Jiang Hu: The Triad Zone

Jiang Hu: The Triad Zone

Gang leader Jim Yam has ascended nearly to the pinnacle of power in the underworld, but it brings him few satisfactions. As he watches his peers drop dead around him - many of them amazingly from natural causes - he finds himself more and more soldiering on because that's just what bosses do. Reflecting back on his younger days in London, it is sad to contrast his current lavish - but empty - life as a crime lord in Hong Kong with the joys he experienced as a petty thief in England. These flashbacks and voice overs give us insights not only into Yam himself, but also his closest associates, whom we discover he in truth barely knows.

A troop of comedians and acrobats from all over the world perform in HK setting the stage for revolution. Burning man blue man group. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Avirup S (us) wrote: Good movie. new concept! Awesome songs!!!

Gunnar G (it) wrote: Critical but at the same time positive and witty.

Kelly S (gb) wrote: Very cute movie. Great storyline. Sends a great message to kids. Easy to watch for adults as well.

Tyler S (mx) wrote: Decent little film about a down out and screwball who's friends let him continually stay with him despite the messes he keeps getting them in. Matt Dillon was good but man Hudson just isn't a good actress....I also found Owen Wilson's character to be quite annoying....that being said it is a nice heartfelt comedy that is hard to hate on too much.

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Ian E (us) wrote: "Taxi" is an uneven blend of action and comedy that ultimately fails in both persuasions. The jokes aren't funny and the action sequences are dull.

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