When Karthik is given a task by his producer to come up with a gripping gangster flick infested with a heavy dosage of violence, he focuses on Sethu, a ruthless gangster surrounded by quirky yet scary henchmen. Karthik discreetly tries his best to find out about Sethu to develop a film script, but fails miserably in all his attempts. However when he finally gets the chance to gain an insight into Sethu's life, disaster strikes as he gets caught in the mêlée following the discovery of a mole within Sethu's gang.

An aspiring director targets a ruthless gangster for making a violent gangster film. His discreet attempts to research the gangster fail miserably. Finally when he gets caught snooping, the tables are turned on him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jigarthanda torrent reviews

Rebecca W (es) wrote: So far so good..love watching late night horror movies in a rain storm w/ my boo. ????

Private U (ag) wrote: Annabelle, that was a poor attempt of Michael Moore. Seriously. BUT, I'll give it two and a half stars because.. well, it does suck!

Timm S (au) wrote: I Got Tired Of The Crappy Try-Hard Nokia Smartphone (Product Placement-Advert) Popping Up As A Key Part Of The Storyline Every 10 Minutes. Most Viruises In The Real World Are Far More Virilant & Mutatative Then This Hollywood 'Kid & Mum' Save The Day Story Would Have You (Try) Believe.

Greg W (us) wrote: starting to run out of gas

Jameson A (nl) wrote: it's does not look good but you never know.

Nadia K (ru) wrote: While watching this movie I was surprised that so many people thought they didn't take the subject matter seriously. The movie was well-made & well-acted, & the subject was taken really seriously. There was only one short conversation near the end that seemed too lighthearted after the dramatic, tearjerking scene right before it. The conversation only lasted about 30 seconds. So glad I gave it a chance- This was so worth watching.

Cynthia L (br) wrote: why haven't I seen this yet?