A cop decides to take on his godfather, who raised him from childhood, and make him realize the error of his ways.

Sivan is a powerful boss in Madurai area. After his driver was killed in an altercation with a few enemies, including a noisy cop, he takes the driver';s son Shakthi to nurture as his own. Shakthi grows up with a hatred towards the police uniform and any other Khaki clothing. Even towards his eventual lover Kajal, initially hating then seeing her good side, but it is when his father desires him to wear the uniform, that turn the tables on the illegal work of Sivan. How does Shakthi deal with his father? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jilla torrent reviews

intuciic (nl) wrote: interesting and good!

Caesar B (mx) wrote: Oh look, another 'found footage' movie -_-For the genre it's pretty good, but this style of movie making is getting old.

Rudy M (gb) wrote: I don't actually know why I watched this one. It isn't a well-known title, it didn't do well at the box office, it will eventually be one of those footnotes in Morgan Freeman's career. But I am glad that I did watch it as it is infinitely better than some of the more popular crap out there these days.Freeman plays Monte Wildhorn, a stubborn, alcoholic ex-writer who is spending his summer at a rent-free home in a place called Belle Isle. He's lost his wife (to cancer) and his will to do anything with his life anymore. Much to his initial dislike, he befriends a single mom (Virginia Madsen) and her three daughters, one of which, Finnegan (Emma Fuhrmann), takes an interest in his writing. Over the course of the summer Finnegan and her mother change his outlook on life.This is a predictable story. One that gives you an 'oh, yeah, it'll go like that'-moment sometime in the first 15 minutes. And you will be right. But in this case it doesn't matter. Freeman's slow transformation is fun to watch and even at Monte's worst moments, you'll love this character. The lead opposite Freeman is Fuhrmann, who does a much better-than-average job of portraying the young and curious girl that provokes Monte enough to start turning around.The production of the movie is solid. Thanks to Reed Morano's great cinematography, this movie breathes a consistent, strong atmosphere, which adds to the pleasure of watching as the 1 hour and 50 minutes roll by.Pros: Keeps you entertained, even though you know how it's going to end.Cons: Not spectacular, predictableVerdict: Fine

Lemon D (ca) wrote: Primarily a depressing, coming-of-age film about alcoholism, codependency, and responsibility. Two damaged souls launch their individual healing with each other just before high school graduation. Ultimately, it seems they should move on as only friends...but will they?

Jamie F (br) wrote: This low budget short film has charm, and interesting people. Dallas & Wayne are just good old boys who want to hunt for Bigfoot. You'll see why some "real" Bigfoot researchers call them frauds, and the effect it has on the boys.

Francisco G (ag) wrote: I'm a sucker for moody hauting movies and I might be a bit too kind on this one, but everything here is done superbly. The acting, the amoral choices, the creepy mythology and situations. Just lacks a bit on delivering more historical insight and mythology. Very much like Valhalla Rising, with everything that movie had, refined and not so vague. And that damn ending creeped the living shit out of me, props for that too.

Dallas F (nl) wrote: This movie has some very very important messages for all of us

jaani 2 (ru) wrote: great musical one to watch

Sandeep R (it) wrote: An inspiring and powerfully-crafted film. Must see for those who want to see the real face of Indian Cricket in India.


Armando N (mx) wrote: Si Robert Altman hibiera realizado una cinta al estilo Dogma, seguramente el resultado sera muy parecido a esto: un discreto ejercicio cinematogrfico en donde varias historias se cruzan, produciendo un extrao paseo que va del drama a la comedia de forma inexplicable...

Trish W (es) wrote: 4 for the topic, 2 1/2 for the presentation

Yuri B (au) wrote: Another classic Michael J. Fox film.

Christopher J (kr) wrote: Contrary to popular opinion on Flixster, the film deserves points for being a unique story (no devil/supernatural element), having some pretty well-acted child performances, some graphic and explicit kills, and a pretty satisfying ending. Fun stuff. Deserves to be remade for once.

Greg W (ru) wrote: this was a sequel to the hugely successful sword n sandal epic 'the robe'.

Paul D (ru) wrote: As long as you take it for what it is, a pre-war comedy, then this can be very enjoyable with some funny lines of dialogue.

Tim S (es) wrote: Dead Souls premiered on the Chiller network in October of 2012. I'll be completely honest here though and admit that I liked this movie much more than I expected to. One of the main reasons why is because it isn't chock full of jump scares for once in a horror film. It has atmosphere and handles the idea of a ghost story better than many of its theatrical contemporaries. And the violence in the movie, while gory, does make you fear for the lead characters' fates a bit more. The characters are also set up fairly well. While we've seen these types of stories with these types of characters many times over, it felt a bit refreshing because it seemed to have a bit of intelligence and a better craft behind it. It's not about the creepy things that pop out of the closet, or the chair that inexplicably moves in a static room. I think it has the potential to become a classic with hardcore horror fans. It has all of the elements to do so, and being fairly-well put together, it's doesn't feel like a part of the Hollywood horror movie machinery as of late.

Ryan C (es) wrote: To a trash movie. The single biggest problem with this movie is how many situations could be solved by saying the phrase "we saved more people than were harmed, you moron". Tony Stark seems to be riding a massive guilt trip through this movie he carried from the first Iron Man movie. Nobody died because Disney and we got out one token death in Avengers 2. Nothing new was offered here. the only scene that keeps this from being a 1* review is the brawl at the end.