Jilting Joe

Jilting Joe

Joe and Olivia are childhood sweethearts, about to embark on their wedding day. But, the so-called happiest day of their lives is over faster than they anticipated. Olivia doesn't quite ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:77 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

Joe and Olivia are childhood sweethearts, about to embark on their wedding day. But, the so-called happiest day of their lives is over faster than they anticipated. Olivia doesn't quite ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samuel P (de) wrote: THIS TOOK THE PLACE OF THE WORST MOVIE EVER ON IMDB AND THE CRITICS HERE ARE TREATING IT LIKE CITIZEN KANE?! I swear sometimes the audience knows how to critique a movie better then the so called CRITICS...

Jerry K (gb) wrote: Nominated for an Oscar, "Cutie and the Boxer" is more about the relationship between two Japanese artists who happen to be married, and their struggles in making art and making a cohesive life together. There is little to smile about in this film. The New York art scene is tellingly revealed with a head shaking silent commentary. It is painful to watch them interact with their alcoholic son and also with their own alcoholic abuse. It is equally difficult to watch how they pine for the telephone to ring to receive the "right call" from a potential buyer. The final scene in which all frutstrations are bared is powerful. While I doubt this film with receive an Oscar, it is a film which all artists should view

Patrick M (ca) wrote: stupid movie, miley cyrus a undercover cop haha, and going undercover as a sorority girl haha wtf is wrong with people making this crap

Conrad T (jp) wrote: Martin Scorsese must be obsessed with The success from his previous DEPARTED.

Tina A (ru) wrote: Horrible storyline,Horrible acting,just plain horrible.

Richard S (au) wrote: Great script, good story similar in style to films like Gridlock'd, plus it may a change seeing Daniel Mays playing a character at least resembling a good guy.

Bruno V (nl) wrote: Liked Levitt in this one , but how he holds up with Zooey beats me ...i would ban her much earlyer out of my life ! Just friends ??? Phoe . SOMDVD

Kevin R (mx) wrote: Haven't seen this film in the longest. Although the plot is relatively weak, the action sequences and amazing choreography certainly make up for it.

Mohammad Javad H (br) wrote: Good movie...This movie makes you care about its characters. This should be said about all films, but this one accomplishes it where others do not. The story revolves around a young man in South Central Los Angeles who is involved in a gang that is slowly making itself successful by selling drugs. He goes to jail after being convicted of shooting another gang lord. While in prison, his son grows up and is drawn by the romance and easy money of his father's old gang, and becomes involved as well. The story is a little over-simplistic, and the dialogue is a bit thin at times. But the director and cast rise to the challenge and turn this into a film about relationships and philosophy, rather than going for the easy solution of shooting off as many guns as possible. The ending is one of the most sappy we've seen in a while , but given the situation you are willing to go with it. While it's not perfect, this film ultimately works -- which is better than 95% of this genre.

Kim B (ru) wrote: A good hearted chick flick about three young girlfriends in a small town. It was funny and endearing about growing pains with love especially. I liked the different personalities they all brought to the table with good performances. It has a "mystic" charm.

Private U (fr) wrote: Oh to be nine years old and thinking of Kristy McNichol! Nostalgia aside though, this movie, while not a good movie per se, does achieve extra points just for being so iconoclastic in its vision. This could have been a run-of-the-mill summer camp movie; it isn't. The plot is simple - two girls (one rich and hyper-educated, the other streetsmart and working class, natch) decide to have a contest to see who can lose their virginity over the course of summer camp. Frolics and episodes follow - many featuring Armand Assante and a very young Matt Dillon. This movie moves a toe over the line by dealing with female adolescent sexuality and the chimerical beast that it truly is; no simple answers are given in this movie. The story may be (and is) completely ridiculous, but it never backs down from its preposterous premise. Look for a very cute Cynthia Nixon (Miranda from 'Sex and the City') as the adorable hippie girl who talks about "bad karma."

Nate J (fr) wrote: This is brilliant. Simple. And If you have haven't seen it, why not? It's a gangster movie, but played out entirely by kids. There's even a very young Jodie Foster here who sings her heart out too. The songs will have you repeating them forever and the story will make you smile. A must-see!!

Spencer E (br) wrote: The actual quality of the film used is just terrible. The editing while trying to be innovative for the time is also... just terrible.

jay n (jp) wrote: Pallid musical comedy would have been better in color but Carmen Miranda makes it worth seeing.

Alessio M (ag) wrote: DAMN ethan e winona circa 1994

Trey B (de) wrote: A good intro to an interesting franchise.