Jim Norton: Please Be Offended

Jim Norton: Please Be Offended

Caustic comedian and best-selling author Jim Norton pulls no punches in his first EPIX comedy special, going after jaw-dropping laughs not intended for the faint of heart. Among his targets: the national hypersensitivity epidemic - leading celebrities, talking heads and regular Joes alike to get offended by just about anything. Norton's got a message for those people, and it's in the title.

Jim Norton riffs on the many ways our privacy is being invaded, and other modern day absurdities, in his first Epix comedy special. In HD. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vipul V (us) wrote: Brilliant .brilliant. Heck. How did i miss it watching in theatre.

Kelly B (gb) wrote: Not as good as the first film..

Smart A (br) wrote: Piece of crap, seemed like the dialogues were written by a 6 year old and directed by a 3 year old.

Brad G (br) wrote: Just a bore, I??m afraid. Val Kilmer has stolen something. It??s gonna solve all his problems. But first he has to hang out in LA??s Echo Park all day long talking to a little black kid about all the problems of the world. Those conversations were kinda adorable at first. Gaydar. El Dorado. Guns. But the conversations just keep going and going and the plot never moves. The final meet up with Marg Helgenberger is ridiculous and she deserves the absolute heartbreak that totally going to follow after the end credits. VF.

Robert L (mx) wrote: Another one of those films that should just be required viewing to maintain citizenship. Great education about just how deep our deficit is and just how large the problem is getting. To sum: we're doomed.

Alex W (de) wrote: For people in towns like this it certainly will mean more. Overall as a film it was very well done, definitely captured the feel of the story.

Sam J (us) wrote: The story and characters are well developed.

Sara S (mx) wrote: Yes. Not sure whether it was the chemistry of the actors or the quirky take on the story, but this was a good time. Hot without trying to hard, funny without pushing, touching without overstating the drama .

Josh B (nl) wrote: Another Peter Jackson movie in 2 days. Still good after all this time.

Jos M (au) wrote: Ingeniosa y deliciosa comedia.

Brad G (au) wrote: "Maybe I don't love you enough." Robert Ryan (The Set-Up) stalks Van Heflin (310 To Yuma) from city to city, seeking revenge for an action perpetrated within the walls of a German POW camp. It's a fantastic starter; Van Heflin is all flop sweat and jitters and Robert Ryan is steely, dark, vicious, and barely says a word. Janet Leigh is swell as Heflin's struggling wife and Mary Astor's washed up prostitute will give ya shivers. The attempt at redemption is a little weak, but it takes the characters to their logical conclusion. Great cast, great vision. Superb noir. VF.

Dave M (jp) wrote: Toss up with Morocco as to which is the funniest Road movie. Sight gags galore, including a visit from Santa.

Anneke R (ca) wrote: I had never seen this movie before and it is now one of my favorite movies of Clint Eastwood's many movies. But I have to say that the orangutan stole the entire movie away from the rest of the cast.

Dylan G (mx) wrote: Dolph Lundgren was a BAD Punisher, Thomas Jane was good as far as acting went, now Ray Stevenson came forward as everything the Punisher should've been throughout it's previous two movies: a badass vigilante with more than enough guts and balls to spread the blood of those who do evil and set things right even if it means him getting badly hurt in the process.

Thomas P (ca) wrote: The narrative arc is not unfamiliar - the American dream perverted, gone wrong not in spite of the characters, but because of them. The Sarandon character offers the greater dimensional depth, and Lancaster does a good job of cultivating the character a faded wannabe lower-rung mafia man.