Jimmy Carr: Telling Jokes

Jimmy Carr: Telling Jokes

Jimmy Carr delivers more of his cynical take on life's little absurdities in his trademark deadpan style in this live stand-up release. Jimmy unleashes his rapid-fire joke-telling and razor-sharp wit on topics ranging from religion and sex, to bullying and political correctness. Those brave enough to heckle are quickly put in their place by an array of colourful if brutal put-downs.

Jimmy Carr delivers more of his cynical take on life's little absurdities in his trademark deadpan style in this live stand-up release. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffrey O (jp) wrote: If you want a movie with distracting love scenes, girls, endless flashbacks, family hugs and veteran tears, go elsewhere. You will get nothing here other than a good old honest war tale with soldiers doing what they do best, fighting other soldiers, waiting around for the next fight and talking. Ordinary people don't realise that that represents 90% of an average soldier's life. This is an honest tale obviously acted out by a bunch of reenactors and real tanks but I love it because there is next to no CG or girls to spoil it.

WS W (it) wrote: Hiroshi Tamaki!!! Fairly stretching & exciting all the way regardless of its common flaws like stereotypical settings & too on-the-face kinda acting.

Eva M (ag) wrote: The story had potential that the film never fulfilled.

Max S (ca) wrote: One of the few documentaries that made me want to do something about the problem it addressed after I watched it.

Budi P (us) wrote: I couldn't keep my eyes opened...

Dan B (jp) wrote: Messy and distracted. Ultimately fails to adequately explore the deeper story of resurgent antisemitism as it skips between personal histories, conspiracy theories, and theology.

SamanthaJane S (jp) wrote: Why Jon why? It was terrible.

Vera G (ag) wrote: Five triad leaders and their ever changing two-faced politics, a deep undercover police officer, badass looking street fight scenes and Shawn Yue as a reluctant gangster... well, nothing special, but the evening had been saved ;)

Gavin M (br) wrote: Another Mel Gibson Classic!

Sage D (de) wrote: corny little tv movie lol

Jay L (es) wrote: "The ultimate weapons of the future have just declared war... On each other." A solid action-packed showdown throughout, the original that spawn many sequels and created a sizeable cult following. Director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, Godzilla, The Patriot, 10,000 B.C., The Day After Tomorrow, 2012) went on to craft epic big budget blockbusters later in his career, Universal Soldier started it all. A science fiction actioned that pumps out rock solid action entertainment throughout. Enjoyable enough, but I was left thinking this could have been so much more. Jean Claude Van Damme stars and delivers his usual emotionless, stone faced performance that we are all used to from him, I'm admittedly not the biggest fan of JCVD, but he was effective throughout. Dolphin Lundgren plays a decent villain, not a huge Dolphin Lundgren fan either, but no need with him in this film.

Alexander C (it) wrote: Stand up slap stick tongue in cheek eddie magic!

Jimmy M (fr) wrote: Funny spaghetti western about the pitfalls of fame in the old west.

Brian R (ag) wrote: Huddersfield's greatest thesp - leather-larynxed James Mason - gives, to my mind, the finest performance of his long and illustrious career in this extraordinary film. He plays Ed Avery, a teacher and family man who becomes addicted to the Cortisone he's prescribed for his Polyarteritis nodosa, which is as nasty as it sounds. His doctor warns him that depression can be a side-effect but neglects to mention to Avery that he could become psychotic too, which he does with gathering speed. Mason gives the most chilling portrayal of a man with mental illness that I've ever seen in a film - the calm and collected way in which he rationalises to his distraught wife just why he's going to have to go upstairs and kill their son is more startling and dramatic than any amount of mad, stary-eyed, thrashing about bonkersness. This film didn't go down well in 1956 apart from with the French (that Jean-Luc Godard knew a good film when he saw one). Drug abuse wasn't a box office winner and some felt that the film represented an attack on American family values. Watching it now in the year 2525, when one has become densensitised to such things to some extent, what is most striking is that it is actually a splendidly old-fashioned film at heart - a melodrama - and a very human and involving one at that - but one which has been gloriously subverted; made in CinemaScope with a palette of the boldest and most vivid colours. Mason is the star of the show but he is well-supported by Barbara Rush as his wife Lou and Christopher Olsen as his son Richie: a child actor who acquits himself so well that, remarkably, you don't want to go upstairs and kill him yourself!

Alexander C (nl) wrote: Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

Mike K (jp) wrote: One of the greatest on-screen villians: Ramrod. B+

Kyle M (gb) wrote: One of Disney's best efforts at capturing the heart of the subject matter respectfully on the sweetness and emotions and the animation expresses it all really well to make this typical Disney animated treat the most charming romance flick. (A-)(Full review coming soon)

Michael M (jp) wrote: Caught this on Encore over the weekend as it's one of those movies I saw in the theater in the mid 90's but have since forgotten about. Now I remember there's really only 2 reasons to watch this shitslopper and they're both located right in the middle of Natasha Henstridge's chest. Whatever happened to her? She was smoking hot in this movie (her debut) but after "The Whole Nine Yards" what else did she ever do? The answer...nothing.

Gideon G (gb) wrote: A movie that looks promising on the face of it but fails to capture the Python charm or capitalize on the acting talent. Dull and confusing throughout with the exception of John Cleese's standout single scene.

Greg W (es) wrote: another good ghost story from guillremo del toro