Jimmy in Pink

Jimmy in Pink

Jimmy in Pienk is a quirky comedy about Jimmy Bester (Louw Venter), a rugged seventh generation "mielie" farmer. Jimmy’s father suddenly dies in a freak accident, he is confronted by two loan sharks who come to collect what his father owes. Jimmy gathers the courage to leave his home and travel to Cape Town to seek help from his uncle (Gys de Villiers), and he is not prepared for what awaits him.

Jimmy, a conservative corn farmer is elated when his rich gay uncle offers him a way to save his farm from bankruptcy - only to find out he'll have to bare his midriff and master the up-do. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan C (jp) wrote: Old zombie movies were about the scares. Recent zombie movies/TV is about survival. This zombie film... is about something more.

Jagroop S (gb) wrote: Considering director's debut, it is a very good romantic Punjabi film. I bet you won't get bored as long as watch it with a punjabi style mentality. All actors did a great job especially Raj Babbar. Kulraj has proven that she could deliver emotional role very efficiently. Jimmy is a new hope of Punjabi cinema. In film he did a wonderfull job at the same time, some times he sounded little more stylish. Eventhough story is more like cliche but still handled beautifully. First half is slugish but second half is tight and tense. Ghugi did a good job as usual but some time looks being over exposed for the sake of pushing film time. All togather nice attempt by Navneet singh Gugnu. Must to watch. Music is average in whole and I liked two song very much picturisation and melody wise- Very first sung by Krishnamurthy and second by Mika.

Leilani B (us) wrote: Very cute love story!

Gurudeep S (ca) wrote: A star has born, Ryan gosling.

Edward V (jp) wrote: I think I'm going to fire up one of my "cigs" and watch this tonight! This should be bad (good?)

Alicia H (mx) wrote: I enjoy all of Stephen Kings

Christopher B (kr) wrote: What a way to start a career! Up there with Fargo for me. Definitely see this.

Sandrine S (nl) wrote: tout simplement mouvant sur le thatre, les acteurs, l'amour et la vieillesse.

James B (mx) wrote: I thought it was good, if you love the first Max Payne game then you'd like this

John S (mx) wrote: This was the worst Next Generation movie by far. At least, if anything, it showed us not ALL even number Star Trek movies will be good.

Derek B (gb) wrote: This movie is NOT meant to be a cinematic marvel. It is supposed to entertain; that it does, and does well. Depp's Tonto is hilarious. If another is made, I'll be watching.