Jin chou fu lu shou

Jin chou fu lu shou


Lam Luk (Cho-lam Wong), Jit Sau (Johnson Lee), Fook Cheung (Louis Yuen) are three unemployed friends who come together to help Lam Luk get married. After Lam Luk proposed to his girlfriend (Fiona Sit), his future father-in-law (Eric Tsang) stipulated that he will allow the marriage only if Lam Luk can come up with $500,000 for the downpayment of their future apartment. The three friends must now do everything they can to come up with the money …. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian C (jp) wrote: Well, I get it now. After finally getting around to watching this, I totally understand why people love it so much. It feels more like a caper movie than a documentary. It's exciting, beautiful and poignant. While it's hard not to be a bit sad at parts now that the twin towers are gone, the movie is in many ways a lovely tribute to their creation and the awe they inspired in so many people, including one totally crazy and amazing Frenchman.

Andrew K (fr) wrote: Ok. An interesting story but not much more.

James H (jp) wrote: 6.5/10. Enjoyable comedy, well written with a really terrific cast of great young actors who deliver their dialogue very well. Vince Rocca has a nice directorial style. Fun, easy going and well paced. It shows what you can do with a low budget.

Kyle D (mx) wrote: Bad editing. Okay writing. Decent acting. But it courageously strayed away from a cliche ending. That's what drove it up from 2 stars to 3 for me.

Michael A (de) wrote: This Die Hard for kids film sucks.

Richard D (de) wrote: It's nice that the sequel didn't just try to rehash the "Rambo" action of "Missing in Action", but it does rehash most if not all of the prison camp cliches. It's an enjoyable if not particularly memorable action film.

Jonny B (jp) wrote: On the surface this is Godard's most playful and funny movie. However, under the inundation of music (enough to make Scorsese blush), self-aware treatment of typical Hollywood comedies, the constant breaking of the fourth wall, and exceptional photographic beauty, is a feeling of loneliness. 'A Woman Is a Woman' is Godard's revolutionist take on Hollywood genres that is a masterpiece and a joy to watch. Anna Karina is a beauty. For a great double feature watch 'A Woman Is a Woman' then 'Punch-Drunk Love'.

joe h (nl) wrote: Contains a few laughs but there are far better Marx Brothers films. It's good to see Margaret Dumont back in the action, but somehow I don't think Groucho and the others enjoyed doing this film a lot. I think Grouchos lines sound forced.

Orlok W (fr) wrote: This is an unusual, very different sort of film, completely visual as it has no inter-titles, in keeping with the original German version--Shadow play!!

Cameron M (ca) wrote: Wasting a perfectly scary concept by surrounding it with unrealistic dialogue, quick-cut short scenes, unclear delivery, and an unbelievably obnoxious child performance/character, the Babadook is one abysmal disappointment.