Jin mao shi wang

Jin mao shi wang

Tai Hsiao-yao is a chivalrous robber nicknamed The Golden Lion, and his reputation of skilled swordsmanship has earned him the jealousy of Wang Ching-tsao...

Tai Hsiao-yao is a chivalrous robber nicknamed The Golden Lion, and his reputation of skilled swordsmanship has earned him the jealousy of Wang Ching-tsao... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel T (au) wrote: A solid piece of HK crime movie, posh and well made. Reminds me a little bit of Infernal Affairs.

Hugh A (es) wrote: This movie seemed way to familiar..I think that?s because the characters were so unoriginal and had been seen in a million different movies..i.e. the lonely, mysterious hitchhiker with a troubled past, and the battered southern-accent woman who doesn?t like people swearing. I mean please, these characters were so boring, what was the writer thinking??

Tony F (it) wrote: Best Christopher Lee movie ever!

Tim S (ca) wrote: Peter Jackson's second full length film Meet the Feebles is definitely an acquired taste, which is funny due to how terribly gross and disgusting the movie can be. If you've ever wondered what it would be like if The Muppets were all drug-dealers, scum bags, or sexual deviants then look no further. This movie isn't cute or entertaining for families or kids of all ages. This is a full-on adult movie, with lots of sex, drugs, violence and gross-out scenes. I happen to enjoy the movie every time I see it because it's so crazy. If John Waters ran Jim Henson's studio, this would be the result. The movie is outrageous, gross, excessive and completely over the top. It's also quite messed-up, so if you're into that sort of thing, I recommend you check it out.

Maxwell S (jp) wrote: A dark, surreal, beautiful, and tender (to some point) emphasis that there is no certain truth. While that does seem to be the point a lot of the time, what the film really is, is a exploration of life and spirituality, notably the very last, brilliant scene. You need to know that before you call the film uneven. Though Pasolini (possibly my favorite director) is an atheist, he has explained many times that he is nostalgic for belief, which is a statement that I understand completely. How he comes up with a few of these things is so far beyond me. This film is in the middle of his directing career, and somewhat hovers between his early masterpieces "Accatone"/"Mamma Roma" to his final and greatest film "Salo", and it hovers in a surreal place, where nobody could reach it ever again, not even Pasolini. Also read Vincent Canby's preview of his full review, that explains a lot of this film as well.

Dann M (ag) wrote: Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan star in the quirky romantic comedy Playing It Cool. The story follows a struggling screenwriter who falls for a young woman at a charity gala and attempts to formulate a friend that soon grows into something more. Evans and Monaghan have good chemistry together and handle the comedy quite well. However, most of the jokes are hit and miss; particularly the reoccurring gag of Evans imagining himself in the stories that people tell him. Additionally, a lot of the characters are underdeveloped, which hurts the plot. While it delivers some laughs, overall Playing It Cool is a rather formulaic and uninspired comedy.

Jay R (ru) wrote: the ratings seem about right for this one...blah.