An existing relationship is threatened when a new girl catches a man's eye.

In Calgary, a young Indian man attempts to gain citizenship by marrying a woman wanting to be a rock star while harboring feelings for the girl next door. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Jindua torrent reviews

Andry R (it) wrote: Rien que pour le clip qui rassemble tous les acteurs de Bollywood !

David L (es) wrote: Remarkable film --simple story, no Hollywood fanfare, yet touching, and the final hour of the movie was just phenomenally good, complemented by Mozart's Clarinet concerto in A major. Beautiful!!

Dee P (us) wrote: of all the subgenre of horrors, what i hate the most the psychological thriller. Although I enjoy watching them but I hate the part where I have to wait for the killer to attack, or the main character to be dead or saved. Since the beginning of the movie, I have gotten annoyed with Penny, a girl with phobia of riding in a car. I've gotten annoyed with her reactions and so on, all panicky blablabla... almost halfway through the movie, I found myself became Penny. Not car-phobia, but panicky and worried of when that creepy hitchhiker will show up. One question remained with me during the movie: when is this going to end??????

Private U (jp) wrote: Great story about a true American hero. I don't know if he would make a good President, but he would not let you down in a time of need.

MISSIN EVAN (ca) wrote: this movie lots of tension in it and is very goory

Jakub M (nl) wrote: One of the movies that keeps you at the edge of your seat without you even knowing it. Alejandro Gonzlez Irritu doesn't forget to squeeze in just the right amount of tears and screams in order to make the movie realistic without turning it into a cheap melodrama. With Sean Penn on board, 21 Grams is the prime example of how to compel the audience and keep things interesting.

Senor C (jp) wrote: Euro trash Terminator rip off that is actually a lot of fun once it gets going. If you are able to forgive it blatant plagiarisms you shouldn't be too disappointed @ the high action energy that actually serves up. I was unbelievably thankful that John Saxon was in this & actually brandished some heavy artillery. I almost wept when he had his heart ripped out @ the end. It was almost as if I had my heart ripped out as well. Hardly an original idea to be found but what the fuck. It makes for enjoyable low grade no demand entertainment. Shit it even sorta rips off Over The Top w/ an arm wrestling subplot. Keep an eye out for the arm wrestling champion pictures that include the likes of professional wrestlers like Hillbilly Jim

Jamie C (us) wrote: Quite funny but soon gets boring and silly, Martin Lawrence pays his part well but the day suit is nothing on The Nutty Professors suit.

Wade H (gb) wrote: A smart and entertaining crime film filled with humorous action, smart characters, realistic directing and an enjoyable story with Gibson as the tip of the spear.

Gareth P (au) wrote: Blair which camcorder style made me feel dizzy :(