Jitsuroku Abe Sada

Jitsuroku Abe Sada


The young and beautiful Sada Abe, the daughter of a rich merchant, is banished for losing her virginity after being raped by a college student. Sada wanders the city, becoming a geisha and eventually meeting Kichizo, a posh restaurateur who falls under her spell. Together, they embark on a week-long sexual escapade filled with dangerous obsessions. Their complete descent into each others desires culminates in a shocking crime of passion which captures the city's headlines. Based on a real event from 1936. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mic M (jp) wrote: Jean-Marc Valle best movie yet ! Great soundtrack, touching, funny, well act and many other qualities !

Lisa J (ag) wrote: Not so good. Some disturbing scenes.

Niels V (es) wrote: I can honestly say that i fucking love this movie. i have no understanding of whoever does not like this. I have never been more touched by a movie than i have by this, i can literally say that this is my favourite movie ever.

Eklektik E (mx) wrote: Only Christians or seekers will find this interesting. People who disagree with the Christian worldview will loathe it because it completely denies any other worldview. The discrepancy between Flixster and Critic percentages in approval ratings here just bolster the idea that critics most often are pretentious, amoralistic (at best) and can only find "tolerance" for non-Christian themes. That being said, the acting, particularly the lead actor's performance, could have been better. However, his somewhat stilted performance could also have been attributed to the time period the character came from.

John B (fr) wrote: Good sequel to the first one and still a wonderful family movie that was just as enjoyable and with more new animal characters, but, not quite as exciting

JC L (mx) wrote: OMG... this movie is soo stupidly funny.... i love itt!!! this is a MUST watch.. fav.

Stuart K (es) wrote: Directed by Deran Sarafin (To Die For (1988), Death Warrant (1990) and Gunmen (1993)), and written by David Twohy (Pitch Black (2000), Below (2002) and Riddick (2013)), this is a very silly and cheesy action caper which was done to cash in on Point Break (1991), but it does have it's moments of good action sequences, including a few good stunts that do have to be seen to be believed. It begins when daredevil skydiver Ditch Brodie (Charlie Sheen), who is known for his skydiving publicity stunts which have got him into trouble with the law. But, when Brodie takes on a new Skydiving student in Chris Morrow (Nastassja Kinski), he gets thrown into an unbelievable adventure. At first, it seems that Morrow dies when her parachute fails to open, and Brodie finds himself being investigated, but it turns out Morrow is not dead, and she's actually a Russian spy called Krista Moldova who is looking to recover a shipment of gold that belongs to the Russians, and she needs Brodies help to try and get it, but is he up to the challenge? It ticks all the boxes of the over-the-top action film of the 1990's book with the over-the-top concept, over-the-top baddies and some cheesy humour thrown in for good measure, but it does have it's faults with it's unbelievable plot, but Sheen manages to have fun in the role, and Kinski kicks ass as well.

Jared B (kr) wrote: Still cracks me up! love the coffee bit.

Orlok W (mx) wrote: Wacky Characters Make For Fun Movie--Hot Stuff delivers the GOODS!!

Bill W (mx) wrote: This is the first movie I saw. I saw it at a drive in theater when I was three years old. I recognized the word, "baby" in Lullaby of Broadway and was fascinated by the head that got larger and larger. I watched it again recently and still found it fascinating. By the way, River Dance has nothing on this, not even close. Oh, yeah it has a nice little plot, too.

Tera S (us) wrote: this movie is phenomenal

David W (nl) wrote: Seriously dumb... but fun.

Nick P (de) wrote: Starts off like an old tales from the crypt tale, but just drags and drags with terrible acting and dialogue until you finally get to the mediocre but somewhat satisfying ending.