An unexpected first kiss causes Gabriel to feel the electrifying "jitters" of love and lust with the free-spirited Marcus; a perfect way to end a Summer studying abroad. Realizing he is gay, Gabriel returns home and is immediately scrutinized by his family and friends who notice he’s different. But as the school year launches with Gabriel distracted with parties and his friends’ own dramas, Marcus returns, reigniting the hot, thrilling emotions of one’s first crush. Jitters fires head-first into the topsy-turvy world of first love with an attractive cast and pulsating soundtrack, making it a smartly refreshing journey into the queer, teen experience.

A 16-year old Icelandic boy's first kiss with another boy gives him "jitters"--feelings he can't deny. This is a well-written film that captures the confusion and excitement of being a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennifer B (kr) wrote: I was impressed by this film, it was fairly good! but, not good enough for me to want to buy it...

Jackie T (ag) wrote: The ending left me hanging & disappointed... but I did get wrapped up into the movie.

Heather M (us) wrote: The idea of this movie was intriguing, but the execution left a lot to be desired. I couldn't make it through the first half so it was a pass.

Tim S (gb) wrote: the one that flummoxes those who lazily compare Almodovar and Bunuel

Orlok W (ru) wrote: Powerful yet Subtle and Original Look at Totalitarianism--Infinite sadness of the Russian soul!!

Darrin C (nl) wrote: More amateur crap from the man who brought us garbage like Cannibal Holocaust. Not as sick as Cannibal Holocaust, but just as badly acted by the main characters. No animal cruelty which earned it a point. Something of a storyline, but rather sloppily put together, often lost and slow.

Jason B (au) wrote: If you like Road Warrior then this is worth a watch. Don't expect it to be near as god though as it's really just a very low budget cheap knock-off. Still...I have seen recently made movies that are a lot worse.

Timothy J (jp) wrote: A World War 2 adventure starring Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan about an Allied Bomber Crew shot down over Germany and their journey to return to England. A pretty good movie.

Allan C (nl) wrote: Another brilliant satirical comedy from director Ernst Lubitsch. The great Jack Benny and wife Carole Lombard are part of an acting troupe in Poland during that Nazi occupation that become involved in a a British plan to uncover a spy. While that sounds like a fairly serious plot, it's a very funny story that involves Benny and the troupe posing as Nazi's to out the spy. It's funny, suspenseful and utterly charming. The film was a failure upon it's initial release, being filmed before Pearl Harbor and released soon after. Carole Lombard also tragically died in a plane crash just before the films release, hurting it's box office appeal at the time. Since then, the film's reputation and acclaim has deservedly grown.

Claude H (ca) wrote: We watched this last night and it was mildly interesting.

Matthew G (br) wrote: Mormons are messed up

Alex G (kr) wrote: I sought it out purely because it's an early Spielberg film, and for a theatrical debut (not counting Duel) he does a good job and the movie isn't that bad. It's pretty intense and engaging in the beginning, and throughout the rest of the movie it fades from monotonous to intense until it ends on a downbeat note (rather rare for a Spielberg film). There's not a whole lot of development or depth to Clovis and LouJean but you can definitely understand and feel their frustration at times with just wanting to get their baby back. I really liked Vilmos Zsigmond's cinematography and I liked John Williams' music. Not the type of music he became famous for, but it fits and is actually quite catchy. It became monotonous because it did get a little boring just watching them going on a cross country trip because even though Clovis and LouJean and Officer Slide are believable, they're just not that interesting to watch (except for the scene when they're watching the Looney Tunes cartoon). Overall, the characters are believable; just not that interesting. Some of the stuff in between felt a bit like filler. Would I watch this movie even if Spielberg hadn't directed it? Obviously, it wouldn't be done the way he did it but the story is interesting enough to sit through. You could definitely tell we had a great director on the horizon.

James L (de) wrote: Slightly more Hollywood than I was expecting, and lacks any real depth. Still pretty watchable though especially if you like the genre.