Joe Somebody

Joe Somebody

When underappreciated video specialist Joe Scheffer is brutally humiliated by the office bully Mark McKinney in front of his daughter, Joe begins a quest for personal redemption. He proceeds by enduring a personal make-over and takes martial arts lessons from a B-action star. As news spreads of his rematch with Mark, Joe suddenly finds himself the center of attention, ascending the corporate ladder and growing in popularity. He's determined to show everyone in his life that he is not a nobody, but a force to be reckoned with.

The movie follows Joe whose dead-end personal and professional lives are turned around after the office bully publicly humiliates him in front of his daughter on "Bring Your Child To Work Day". Since then, Joe begins a quest for personal redemption by enduring a personal make-over and takes martial arts lessons from a B-action star. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew B (au) wrote: This film proves beyond a doubt that Werner Herzog teeters on the edge between ambition and utter insanity. He should be an inspiration/warning for any aspiring filmmaker.

Dax S (br) wrote: Not a bad movie, enjoyed it a lot.

Steve W (au) wrote: My only choices were the dubbed version or the original with no subtitles. I opted for the dub, but it only made this crazy martial arts movie better.Once every year at the Ghost Festival, the Master of the Sword and the Master of the Spear duel it out with their respective weapons. Every time, it ends with a draw. They settle upon a new plan, each will find a student and teach them their weapon skill, and ten years later they will fight to the death for their masters to see who is the best.Problem is, an old enemy of the masters returns to seek vengeance, and kidnaps their pupils in order to lure them out.A surreal little movie, as Sammo Hung and Chia Yung Liu play both the old masters and the young pupils. The weapon mastery is extraordinary and they also have some hand to hand at the end. It doesn't skimp on the action either, and it makes for a classic martial arts film.

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